Friday, September 12, 2008

Trust Uncle Helen to say the Nov 8 election is about trust!

So Dear Leader has named the date.
And without a hint a irony, she says the election is about trust.
"Its an election about who can be trusted to take the nation ahead," she said.
Labour is ambitious, National is ambiguous, she said.
Uncle Helen promised new polices to be announced in next few weeks, and bold initiatives.
Liarbour would be promoting sustaniability following ETS. NZ is no a world leader on climate change. Labour will keep it that way, she continued.
Uncle Helen then rattled off various policy measures implemented over its three terms.
She claimed the economy is strong, well positioned to come through the international downturn and the crown balance sheet is strong.
And there has been a renaissance in arts and culture!
She says Liarbiour has taken the hard decisions.
And then we had the usual attacks on National.
National cannot be trusted, she said.
They stand for a backward New Zealand.
National and its leader cannot be trusted.
They won't tell the truth.
I look forward to the campaign, she said.
Labour has shown in its record, it can be trusted with the future of New Zealand.
National with its evasivness it cannot be trusted.
The date for the dissulution of parliament on 3 october.
The general election election will be on the 8th of November!
So it's about 'trust' . Contain yourself everyone!


Anonymous said...

Helen is right, this election will be about trust. Helen has clearly demostrated, she cannot be trusted.

Anonymous said...

Just spoke on ZB, I raised the trust issue. Lying communist homo.

adamsmith1922 said...

My initial comment is here

Trust and Labour, really.

BTW the announcement was in my view an election advertisement and/or Party Political broadcast

Ed Snack said...

Two thoughts, first a Tui Billboard: Trust Labour ? and second, It's all about Trust, Spenser Trust. And I suppose, Its All About Trust, and you can trust Labour to lie, cheat, and steal to try to get back into power.

Anonymous said...

barbecue at Phils on the 9th?

KG said...

I just posted on this Fairfacts, in somewhat err...blunter terms. ;-)

Barnsley Bill said...

How about the Spencer trust.

homepaddock said...

Only 55 sleeps until we can vote for a change - and an improvement.

Anonymous said...

Pass me a very long barge pole someone. I want to reach out and touch Labour

And somebody find my brain bleach so that I can erase the memory of trust built up in the last three terms.

Vote for them? On the basis of trust? Are they sane?

The country has been rooted by these people, it is not a shade of what it could have been. The best and brightest have left and what has remained has become the breeding stock, as evidenced by the two main parties

If they were any good I would vote for them. The're not. ACT is the only game in town now. National need a spine transplant, the Greens are mad, I'm not Maori, NZ First should be doing 'time' and United Future should be in other payed employment or the dole.

I'll give you trust, you bastards.

Anonymous said...

Only one comment to make... the sad, rather pathetic woman revolts me and most of the country it would seem... roll on the 8th of November.


I noticed Liarbour had its monkey tree out on Newstalk ZB as well BB.
How much does the Ninth floor pay these people?

Barnsley Bill said...

Enough to get them to vote the crone back in.
The clark peters axis of sleaze will win another term. You mark my words, we are in for another three years of this shit

Anonymous said...

The clark peters axis of sleaze will win another term.

Well against MMP, the Maorimander, and all Labour's Rorts National+ACT do need at least a 20 point gap to be sure of making government. The good news is: on current polling, that's where they are

You mark my words, we are in for another three years of this shit

Nope. We're not. Because Hardworking, Honest, Taxpaying Kiwis won't stand for another three years of Labour. If Labour rorts this election again -

well lets just say things will get "interesting" in Wellington.

Canuckiwi01 said...

...I was quite flabbergasted when she was banging on about trust...
r e a l l y ? ? ?
the mind boggles at the sheer chutzpah...

Anonymous said...

This not about trust, its about distrust. Clark's crew attended a rebore session a wee while back where they were all eagerly told to set the agenda and to frame the discourse. So out comes the buzzword-trust. Next item is to point out you can't trust National and fling any dung they can to prove it. The default position is you can then go with the flow and trust Labour. Hopefully the topic of someone sitting in the back of a car and not noticing the horrendous speed it was traveling, signing artwork, thieving $800k and then legalizing the act, protecting proven liars, banning parental discipline, getting rid of the Privy Council etc won't rear its ugly head.

Anonymous said...

This not about trust, its about distrust.

it's not about trust or distrust.

it's about whether we have a government of laws,
or of women.

it's about whether the most corrupt, highest taxing, government - effectively the last socialist government left apart from Cuba and North Korea - somehow gets "re-elected"

Even ACT's policies are much more socialist than Barack Obama

National is more socialist than Hugo Chavez in Venezuela (ACT isn't, somehow)

but a main vote for National, then a party vote for ACT, will at least be a step in the right direction.