Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Trust Michael Cullen

For sound political advice........

On top of his desperate comments concerning John Key yesterday, we have the failed history teacher recommend that Dear Leader keeps Winston Peters on for another week.

Now, Uncle Helen may be confused and feel there isn't sufficient reason for her to cut off Captain Baubles today. But David Farrar lists plenty of reasons. John Armstrong covers similar ground.

We can save the arguments over Cullenomics for another day, but it was good to see Tumeke! highlight Cullen's abilities when it comes to railways and negotiations.

Yes, Cullen is certainly a man of talent, intelligence and razor sharp wit. He is either showing yet more stupidity in calling for Dear Leader to keep her albatross poodle and lose Liarbour First even more support, or The Hive is correct in thinking Cullen is plotting to sabotage Liarbour's election chances, along with Dear Leader's leadership to put Phil Goff in charge of Labour First.

Oh, maybe that too explains his stupid anti-Key statements yesterday, along with his rail buy-back!

Hat tip: Barnsley Bill for the Photo, Kiwiblog for a little link whoring and The Hive for the lovely party label 'Liarbour First.'

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Yes, this election is about trust.
trust Liarbore to be so stupid.
Trust Liarbore to spend all our money.
Trust Liarbore to be offensive and play dirty.
Fortunately, i think we can trust Liarbore to lose the election.