Sunday, September 28, 2008

Triple whammy, no quadruple whammy, for the tram spotter

A few days ago, while commenting on police corruption over Don Brash's emails, I was again attacked by a once 'gentle' blogger who seems to have turned quite feral against the 'wingnuts' of the right.
He pointed me to a story in the Herald about Transparency International claiming New Zealand was opne of the least corrupt countries in the world. Had he seen my post, a post or two below, expressing doubt on their survey?
I emailed the Berlin-based organisation to see how they could come to such conclusions, commenting on our political scene, noting events from Doonegate, the various cases there the police decided not to prosecute Liarbour, right through to Winnie and his issues and Michael Cullen saying for Peters to lie to Parliament is not a sackable offence.
I also mentioned and linked to stories concerning Liarbour overspending at the last election, unlawfully using taxpayers money, then passing validating legislation to make it all legal, and then passing the Electoral Finance Act.
I still await their reply, but will chase them up tomorrow.
I was to leave any further comment until i received this, but our once gentle blogger has posted on the issue. He says you won't hear of New Zealand's corruption-free record from the media or the bloggers but it was from the media I heard the story, Stuff and the NZ Herald.
Naturally, the stridency of his views have created quite a backlash.
The Hive, quite rationally and gently points out the existence of Winston Peters and our MMP system creating many of the corruption problems we have today.
Cactus Kate has a detailed post looking at examples of corruption around the world and how such transparency is defined. A post also worth the read.
Whale Oil focusses more on New Zealand, noting his experience of it among government departments.
And a former workmate of Poneke's, Ian Wishart ,looks more at the role of the police, as well as detailing how Transparency International makes its findings, noting as I did, that they are more about 'perceptions' rather than reality.
I will save my further comments until I get my response from Transparency International.
But with all this extra evidence today, it makes you all wonder who is "talking shit" now!


Anonymous said...

And in one of lifes bizarre coincidences, look at this report: which contains this juicy detail amongst others:

The documents reveal:
* Police investigated claims a police officer paid a Rotorua woman $60,000-$70,000 "hush money" over an incident

Barnsley Bill said...

It is difficult to take somebody seriously when they constantly suck themselves off over their bus pass..........

Redbaiter said...

Fairfacts- Transparency International does not measure thatkind of corruption. Its stats relate to corruption in private sector/ government deals such as a government official being bribed to give a construction contract to a certain tenderer. They don't measure the political corruption such as is rife in this ocuntry.

Cactus Kate said...


That's not quite right. The stats include "perception" of corruption. Which includes nepotism etc...

Quite different than actual reports of bribery for reasons I have posted on.

Anonymous said...

Yes, gentle Poneke seens to be getting quite feral to the moment.

Is is a phose of the moon or is the Bus strikke getting the poor wee poppet upset??