Sunday, September 21, 2008

Triple whammy for Uncle Helen?

Fairfacts understands TV3 will be issuing a poll today.

So what will be in it?

Last month the poll had National on 48% and Liarbour on 37%. Winston First was on 3%, Act 2%, Greens 6%.

So if the talk on the blogosphere is correct, and there is a poll today, what will it say?

I guess National will stay in the high 40's, maybe even making 50%. The poll seem to be trending back towards National.
But much will depend on where the Winston First vote goes. I doubt there will be a Roy Morgan style increase in support. It will drop to 2%. Liabour will be pretty constant at 36-38%.

Of course, how accurate are polls. As Liarbour polls poorly, the Standard says not much, While Matthew Hooton disagrees.


Anonymous said...

Have you seen the what is on the front of this weeks Womens Weekly.

"Helen Clark - Matters of the Heart - Living with grief and why every day is a gift"

AND they've called it the Red Issue.

Go Red for Women - helping prevent Heart disease in women.

First I've heard of GO RED.

Sounds more like Go Labour!


I just saw some copies in New World.
It was almost enough to make me go back and buy extra wine.
At least the pic doesn't seem as airbrushed as the previous cover in 2005 when she had a 'sexy' hairdo.


I've just seen a trailer for 3News.
There was no mention of apoll.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

They wimped out.


So will we get it tomorrow?
Surely there are people out there who can tell us.

mediaboy said...

I've heard it's so bad for Labour - down to high 20s that the Labour spinners managed to convince TV3 to pull the poll and resample...


That's quite a sensational claim mediaboy.
Is there any evidence you can share with us?