Friday, September 5, 2008

The trials of Winston Peters-- Will Wishart sink him?

It's getting difficult keeping up with the twists and turns as they happen.
The Electoral Commisson meeting on Monday to discuss NZ First donations.
Will it report them to the police like it says it will with Democrats for Social Credit?
And as Owen Glenn prepares to fly to New Zealand to give evidence, Winston's fate may hang on phone records of conversations with the Monaco-based millionaire.
Talking of Monaco, Cactus Kate went seeking Mr Glenn during a recent stay. Cactus wasn't sucessful, but her search still sounds like fun.
David Farrar continues with his latest updates, as does Whale Oil.
But this afternoon, I'm most intrigued by Ian Wishart's latest claims, he says 'may' mean Winnie and his party officials going to jail for quite some time.
Come on Ian, deliver the silver bullet, and let it strike down his accomplice and bosom buddy, Dear Leader, too!


mojo said...

Now for fear of getting all 'global warmingish,' I would have thought that there was a 'tipping point' in all of this. 'Squeaky clean' is not a descriptor that could be, I believe, applied to any party, and Rodney, taking the notion of visibility to the downright exhibitionistic is probably running the greatest risk of all ... his proactive unrelenting 'assassination' of the bauble-holder whose 'throne' he so covets that he's even prepared to go to bed with the seventy year old who perpetrated probably the greatest deceit on the NZ public ... rogered economics.

As wrong as Winstone may prove to be (have been), I do think this unrelenting attack is occurring because it can, because although influential he's relatively insignificant, and it can with relative impunity - hence the 'feeding frenzy,' increasingly indicative of self-righteous gutlessness.

I am sure there are 'bigger fish' that simply 'scare the crap' out of some of you 'wannabe noticed' commentators.

Some of the characteristics of you 'chappies' are neither desirable nor worthy of replication ... that's probably why I'm a fan of genetic modification.

emmess said...

Now it is offical
Clark and Peters are no longer national disgraces.
They are international disgraces

Anonymous said...

Wishart isn't just going to sink Winston - Helen, Cullen, Carter, Little and the rest of Labour & the Unions

are all prima facie guilty