Sunday, September 14, 2008

Touching photos of a trustworthy leader

In a campaign about trust, what do we see concerning the new official Helen Clark photo.

Photographer Monty Adams took the campaign shot and was adamant that the touch-ups were "minimal"."

There was such a hoo-ha about her last photo, which was hardly touched up at all."Rather it was the use of "very, very soft light".

"Everyone looks great under it. That's the light I use for older women these days, my Joan Collins light."

Adams has been photographing the Prime Minister for a number of years and said she was a good subject."Obviously we put a lot more make-up on her than she usually wears."

Adams said the most post-production work was done whitening Clark's eyes. "The wrinkles are still there," he said.

Now, when you are campaigning on trust, I just wonder whether touching up photos is the right way to claim to be honest. And how does Dear Leader look? I am sure Barack Obama can find the right phrase to describe her!


Barnsley Bill said...

does anybody else she think she is starting to look like Skeletor?


Yes indeed, but I don't see John Key as He Man though.