Saturday, September 20, 2008

Too much Sleep highlights Liarbour troubles

If there's anything that highlights the mess Liarbour find themselves in , it's activities like this.
Master James Sleeep, aged 16, sought to distrupt the arrival of John Key and local MP John Hayes.
Sleep says his protest, which saw him jump in front of Hayes' vehicle was 'exercising his democratic rights.'
So for Sleep, exercising your democratic right includes trying to stop a local MP from bringing his party leader to a meeting.
Exercising democratic rights means trying to silence the opposition by putting obstacles in the way.
A kind of on-the-road version of the Electoral Finance Act.
It speaks volumes on the Liarbour Party. They are playing dirty by trying to silence you one minute and then they smear the next.
Here's how the Standard covered the issue yesterday, leading to a somewhat lively debate.
And note the telling comment from MP John Hayes on Sleep.
"He is known to me and has been harassing me and a number of other MPs for some time."


Lindsay Addie said...

Couldn't someone put that misbehaving little juvenile over their knee and give his arse a good spanking.

Shit, that won't work it's illegal.....

Anonymous said...

John Hayes would have lost my vote over this incident had I been in his electorate.

We simply cannot have people endangering the lives of others in this fashion, it does not matter how much you detest the person there can only be one course of action taken by the driver when faced with such a dangerous situation.

John Hayes should have told his driver to accelerate at full speed.

dad4justice said...

John Hayes was never going to get your vote anony. Pull the other one 'cause it plays Sleep the Wet Creep.

Heine said...

Nice one Anon. Sleep was (and knows he was) asking for it. But he got what he wanted, his 15 mins of fame. I also blogged about this too :)