Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Today's big scandal-- and its not Winston Peters

What a brilliant sideshow, the scandal and controvery surrounding Winston Peters, while Uncle Helen passes legislation that will have such a fundametal impact on all our lives.
The media is slowly but finally waking up to its cost as a few stories noted yesterday.
And all for a dogma that is being increasingly discredited as thousands of scientists reject the so-called consensus and our temperatures are actually stable or falling.
Now, we have a government pushing through a bill in New Zealand that has no concenus and survives solely on Liarbour striking a deal with the devil- yes, Winston Peters.
Keeping Stock offers this commentary, noting the provisional Order Paper for the house sitting today.
It is unlikely to get to the vote before the dinner adjournment at 6pm, so it is likely that the final vote while be held while Winston Peters is giving his evidence to the Privileges Committee.
Helen Clark can sack Peters as soon as the vote has been taken on the ETS legislation, and there will be no fall-out for the government in terms of preserving its paper-thin majority.
This is the ultimate abuse of the Parliamentary process by Helen Clark.
Unless the Greens have a sudden attack of principles, Clark will have her flagship legislation. National and Act can filibuster all they want this afternoon, but all they can do is delay the inevitable.
Unless Winston Peters throws his toys and withdraws from his agreement with Labour, or unless the Greens stand up for what they must know is right, Helen Clark will indeed wield absolute power this evening.
And as Lord Acton so famously said, absolute power corrupts absolutely.
Now, The Hive and Matthew Hooton thinks National can defeat the bill of NZ First changes side should Winston switch sides after being sacked.
Either way, we look to be in or one helluva ride!
Hat tip: Keeping Stock, The Hive.

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Anonymous said...

The whole Peters drama is actually working for Helen then. It has created such a diversion that she'll be able to sneak this piece of crap legislation through (700+ pages of amendments - hello???). Touche. She wins again. Self serving indeed.