Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The thugs behind Winston and Liarbour First

Roar Prawn posted a short while ago:
BustedBlonde's racing source , the Strapper, says that Paul Moroney has come under intense pressure since he signed an affidavit about what was said between Owen Glenn and Winston Peters. Word is he has had is tyres slashed and some have launched a smear campaign claiming Moroney is bankrupt and that he will never be able to sell another horse in NZ.Bunch of bastards.... I feel like getting a syndicate together to buy a horse - call it either the VRWC or the Growler and giving it to Paul to train.
Roar Prawn has just spoken to Whale Oil, who adds:
These are the sorts of people that WRP, 63, LMPONFA organised tax breaks for. They are nothing more than common or garden thugs.
But it might not be the racing fraternity behind such violence, maybe it is supporters of Winston and Liarbour First.
Roar Prawn says NZ First fundraiser Ross Meurant has threatened herself and many others in the fishing industry!

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