Tuesday, September 9, 2008

This week's dirty trick

Knowing that Owen Glenn was in the country today and about to make a submission to the Privileges Committee, I found myself wondering what the labour were going to use as a distraction.
I wonder no more, as trevor mallard has come up with the goods.


That politics in this country has sunk so low that the only way a government feels it can stay in power is by planting moles in the opposition's staff and having them steal, yes trevor steal, documents, and then brandishing them about on national television does not bode well for the future of my country.

Surely stealing such things is a criminal offence? Using a document for parliamentary advantage perhaps? Where then the police enquiry? Or has everyone grown used to the idea that labour party people are protected and immune from prosecution?

One can only hope, however, that the policy he's promising to release today has been written specifically for him and his mole, if you know what I mean.


Anonymous said...


If it not a jackup by National this time then you gotta wonder why the hell they cannot close this down.

If they cannot manage their own affairs, the sheeple will wonder why the hell should they be allowed to run the country.

Of course if Mallard is right about why the leaks are occurring then you gotta wonder anyway.


Murray said...

It would certainly be a crminal offence if National hand someone pulling policies out of Labours office.

Anonymous said...

Labour are trying to create uncertainty about National being able to govern but I think it is now backfiring against them.
All the comments here (until the EPMU staff get onto it) are not very supportive of Labours tactics:

Anonymous said...

I for one do not believe that there is a leak.There is something fishy going on here and none of it, Nationals doing!.

Anonymous said...

I agree, more dirty tricks will just backfire with the public, Labour's desperation for power has become so transparent in the last few months. Let's hope Owen Glenn blows both Winnie and Labour right out of the water today!!!

Anonymous said...

If these documents were found in the cafe then the police should be called in.

Theft on Finding is an offense. If you do not make serious attempts to find the owner of the item a crime has been committed.

Trevor should be charged.


Good to see Colin Espiner did't fall for Liarbour's ruse.
He saw right through Malar's behviour as conveniet distraction.


If I was National , I would make up some policy, and see Liarbour release.

But how many policies have Naional released now? Is it 25-0?