Tuesday, September 16, 2008

They Were All Lying Through Their Teeth

Peters' lawyer has changed his story. She wanted compelling evidence?

This is a scandal of epic proportions. The whole gang of crooks perjured themselves before the priviledges Committee and but for Owen Glenn spending another $20k of his own money to come here and front up, the lying slippery pricks would have got away with it. Again.

Well done Rodney Hide. God bless Sir Owen Glenn.


Inventory2 said...

Yep - and you should have heard Barry Soper on Newstalk ZB - it's paraphrased here:


Anonymous said...

I heard that too IV@.
And Old hell is involved in it upto her neck.
Looking at it caritably, she has made a serious error of judgement in believing her Poodle.
more likely, she was involved in the cover up.
She had too much at stake.
Someoine needs to contact Owen Glenn to see who the other client was, who else was he funding?


Clunking Fist said...

"Brian Henry appearance before the privileges committee is interrupted by a corrupted video link."

ain't that the truth.

mawm said...

Henry lied - and now needs to be heavily censured by the Law Societies.

Winston Peters lied - and should no longer be in parliament and hopefully gets approprately investigated and sentenced by the SFO and judiciary.

Helen Clark lied - AGAIN. Remember the election is about trust

Mike Williams lied - again.

So who do you trust?

A vote for labour is a vote for NZ First and a vote for NZ first is a vote for labour.