Tuesday, September 30, 2008

They give with one hand and take with the other

How ironic that in the week Liarbour's taxcuts, which they had to be dragged kicking and screaming to implement,, Contact Energy increases power prices by 10%.
Government ministers say they will scrutinise the increase.
I just saw OneNews who reported the rise, adding Mercury and Meridean have also just announced power price rises.
How interesting, as who owns all three power companies, but the government!
Thus, as Homepaddock blogged earlier, government gives with one hand and takes with the other.
Political Animal Darren Rickard also highlights further government culpability.
Government policies are restricting extra power generating capacity and its beloved ETS spell for further power price rises.
Indeed, and what are the effects of expensive power? People dying through not paying their bills?
We all remember the Muliaga scandal , don't we?
For of we are to blame Mercury Power, then equally Dear Leader has blood on her hands as Mercury is an SOE, meeting finance targets set by Finance Minister Michael Cullen.
So yes, trust Mickey and Helen to take with one hand and give with the other, and trust them to be responsible for all/most of the problems in the power industry.
They talk about lack of competition but they have certainly left it late to be tackling the issues now- nine years after they too office.
So when you get you next bigger power bill, you know who is to blame, but Liarbour!


libertyscott said...

Um, Contact Energy was privatised in 1999 under the Shipley government. It is 51% owned by Origin Energy, an Australian company with other shares held by numerous smaller shareholders.

Anonymous said...

But Scott, Falsefacts never lets the truth get in the way of a big lie, and most of the loons that lick his spittle have a similar lack of concern for the truth.


My source made an error concerning Contact, so I apolicigise for not checking that particular fact myself.
But the other two are SOEs.
Thus, Contact aside, the rest of my point remains.

Poneke said...

How can you claim to be a journalist when you don't know something as basic journalism 101 as that Contact is a listed company in total private ownership, having been controversially privatised less than a decade ago?


Perhaps it might help if all the power cos were privatised rather than us having the complicated deranged mishmash we have in New Zealand.
I have apologised for my error and owned up to it.

homepaddock said...

I made the same mistake - I was going to blame it on dalight savings induced dopiness but I've decided to come clean - it's all part of the VRWC.

Poneke said...

What do you mean you made the same mistake?

You even had the same heading as he did.

Great minds think alight, others work in tandem.

You just echo each other's propaganda all over the blogosphere.

homepaddock said...

Poneke - don't confuse incompetence on my part with conspiracy.

If you read FM's post you'll see he quotes from my post (where I wongly said Contact was an SOE) and uses the phrase "gives with one hand. . "

So no secret, and while we read each other's blogs, sometimes link to and comment on them, there's nothing organised, and we disagree on some things.

That's how the blogosphere works, just like you and I sometimes link to and comment on each other's blogs and there's no conspiracy there either.

Anonymous said...

Looks like Pancake is failing on blogging 101.
Call himself a blogger?
No wonder his rankings are dropping.
People are tired of his bus stories.
Has he drunk at the foul-mouthed well of the Standard in his deranged attacks on the 'wingnuts' to try and gain back his audience?
I thought Pancake set himself to be different and above the fray, an independent analyser of the issues, one that was gentle, decent and with integrity.
But sadly his odius over the top remarks are putting him firmly in bed with the lefties, despite his sceptism on climate change.
And now he is seeing conspiracy everywhere just like he attacks Ian Wishart for.
It looks like Fairfacts was simply copying something off Homepaddock. As Barnsley Bill said this week, FF is a thieving magpie!


You've got me bang to rights , pdq.
I am a thieving magpie at times, as Barnsley Bill states.
I recall seeing the Homepaddock post, which initially made me think against doing anything similar.
Then, i saw the TV news and it mentioned the other two power companies.
I thought I could add something a little fresh and original to what Homepaddock had written.
And that being the two other power companies, which I discovered were state-owned, had also increased their prices because it said so on the telly.
I assumed, without checking that Homepaddock was correct on Contact being an SOE. Obviously, I should have checked.
Coupled with the Darren Rickard piece I came across, I thought, yes, No Minister can have a power price rise post too.

That is how blogging works.
Sometimes you come up with wholly original stuff yourself, or sometimes you take something from others and adapt it to suite your own message.
Sopme times you give them a hat tip, sometimes you don't, sometimes you forget.
There is no conspiracy involved at all.

That, I guess, is Blogging 101.

Pancake, eh! Cruel but funny!

homepaddock said...

FM - it's all my fault. I made the stupid mistake of thinking Contact was state owned because the news item which started it all included outrage on the part of the PM and Energy Minsiter and I foolishly thought they wouldn't be interfering in the business of a private company. . .

Silly me on both counts. I was wrong though of course as we both know also right, politically speaking :)

But it's still incompetence on my part not conspiracy - though Homepaddock's blocked by the MoH and so was No Minsiter so maybe there is a link neither of us know about.


I wouldn't worry about it Homepaddock.
We all make mistakes and I have made quite a few errors on the blog.
Much as we all do our best, we will make the odd slip up because we don't have time to correct and check our posts as well as we might if we were being paid for them.
Poneke and others are just shit stirring, though it does help when people point out errors.
That is the beauty of a blog , because the sum total of knowledge held by the readers is far greater than any one blogger or MSM journalist.
The blog readers of whatever persuasion are one huge fact checking process.
When we do stuff up, obviously the best and only thing we can do is apologise and we have all done plenty of that.