Wednesday, September 3, 2008

There's always rich pickings among the stupid and desperate

A better example of why the poor will always be with us than this article would be hard to find. There's a proportion of us who just do it to ourselves, and there's always someone who isn't desperate or stupid waiting to make a fat profit from such people.


Adolf Fiinkensein said...

YEs Milt, I saw it too. Call me a nanny statist, if you like but I'd be in favour of capping rates and really throwing the book at offenders. Jail time, asset seizure and breaking up of family trusts.

This is a deliberatively predatory and pernicious activity.

Of course, it's all the Left's fault. The poor bastards who submit themselves to NCEA don't get taught a damned thing about anything other than cultural values and the utopia of socialism.

Monty said...

I went to a meeting last night here in Wellington - On social Justice - Grant Robertson,Stephen Franks, Sue Bradford and the Maori Party Candidate were speaking - (sadly no one from NZ First). The Greenie Commies essentially want to solve the problems of poverty by chucking more and more taxpayer money at the problem. I challenged her that to pay for such programes, the taxes of the counry would need to be raised, even more or our youngest and brightest and hardworking taxpayers would leave, and that such policies demonstrated that the Greens were totally economically illiterate. That got a reaction.

Redbaiter said...

Oh yeah Milt, you've obviously identified a need for (wait for it) more laws, more regulations and bigger gummint..!!! We haven't got enuff laws and regulations now you see, and gummints way too small, and dats why dis stuff happens..


You guys want the government to run everything. Make everyone dependent on government and unable to think for themselves. You want the government to run the education system, so nobody gets a real education and are therefore easy prey to scammers and cronyists and crooks. You socialists keep producing generations of half educated idiots because its the big game plan, the one that keeps you in power and therefore keeps government spending high and therefore creates demand for money and therefore DRIVES UP INTEREST RATES. You're whining about this shit and its all your damn big gummint worshipping doing.

Anonymous said...

What's the problem?

the only problem I can see is that the police & courts may get involved in collecting on these defaulting loans.

A more robust private provision for armed security forces able and willing collect on security for such loans would resolve most of those problems.

This is a deliberatively predatory and pernicious activity.

So I take it you're voting Labour then? or perhaps National?

Banning pokie machines, banning drinking & smoking, banning smacking kids, banning teaching creation, banning PETROL for fuck's sake!

as the green's add said: banning individuality.

banning humanity.


Such moneylenders are evil .
I'm open minded to the issue of interest rates.
But surely people cannot be so stupid as to pay them, can they?
Certainly schools need to teach some common sense in the budgeting department.
I learnt such values from my parents but common sense seems in shorter supply in NZ than it does in small town Yorkshire.
From experience, even very close friends in NZ seem unable to hadle thir finances and all it does, it gets them into trouble. Yet they never learn.
It all comes down to the individual. I have learnt to go without things when I have to.
But borrowing just to top up you cellphone is riduculous in the extreme.

Anonymous said...

Considering that the ETS will see some major employers leave our shores and others forced out of business ,there will not be enough people employed in NZ to pay for anything.

Psycho Milt said...

Redbaiter: you seem to be responding to some post I didn't write.

As it happens, I disagree with Adolf re capping interest rates, on the basis that the stupid and desperate would then provide a ready market for illegal lending.

This isn't really an issue for more govt intervention, because the poor will always be with us and the stupid, the desperate, the bad decision-makers and so on will always be among them. It's also utterly pointless to blame this on socialism, given that such eye-watering usury was barely known under NZ socialism but has become common since its demise.

As usual, Redbaiter does a very good line in telling everyone what I am and what I want. The level of accuracy of his assertions should be clear enough to anyone who's actually read my posts, so I won't bother elaborating on why they're wrong. But it would be nice if one day he could give telling everyone what he believes I want a rest, and try making an argument instead.

Anonymous 1: well yes, to the anonymous fascist, the feeling of compassion for one's fellow humans is indeed contemptible. To the fascist, any suggestion that the weak should not simply be regarded as prey for the strong amounts to "banning humanity." I'm not a fascist, so I don't share that view.

Redbaiter said...

"It's also utterly pointless to blame this on socialism, given that such eye-watering usury was barely known under NZ socialism but has become common since its demise."

Anyone who can write such delusional stuff as that Milt is far beyond the reach of any argument I can posit.

Psycho Milt said...

Most things I write are beyond the reach of any arguments you might posit, not least because you rarely deliver anything beyond "Socialists are... Socialism is..." Might play well for the converted, but it's unpersuasive to anyone else.

That said, feel free to offer anything demonstrating how imbeciles getting themselves outrageously in debt for pointless reasons is a recent development introduced by left-wingers. You'll find the historical ubiquity of such cases a major stumbling block.

Clunking Fist said...

"It's also utterly pointless to blame this on socialism, given that such eye-watering usury was barely known under NZ socialism but has become common since its demise."

So, psycho, give us a new name for the type of statist policies that Liarbour has given us over the last 9 years, those same 9 years these lenders have flourished.

Psycho Milt said...

One stick that ACT or National occasionally beat Michael Cullen with is that Labour have reversed few of Douglas' and Richardson's changes. What you perceive as socialist statism over the last 9 years has actually been, by the standards of NZ govts of all stripes between 1935 and 1984, runaway laissez-faire liberalism. The rise of aggressive, predatory usury over the last couple of decades is unsurprising, but also has nothing to do with "socialism."

Anonymous said...

, runaway laissez-faire liberalism.

just you wait, Labour voters, just you wait!
when John Key is the PM it'll be to late!
we'll put Helen on the pyre
and shout: "ready, aim, FIRE!"

just you wait, Labour voters
just you wait!

(with apologies to My Fair Lady)

Psycho Milt said...

The same John Key who's promised not to overturn most of Labour's programme? More like "Fear not, Labour voters!" isn't it?

Clunking Fist said...

Most of Labour's programme?
A few key headline items (deceased rats) swallowed is not "most".

Psycho Milt said...

Not most? Out of interest - apart from trumping Labour on tax cuts and carving off the profitable areas of ACC to benefit his Aussie mates, what exactly is Key offering that differs from Labour?

Clunking Fist said...

I'm sorry: I'm not at liberty to disclose the secret agenda.*

They have stated there will be no privatisations, but been quite clear that this is only true of the first term.

I should also imagine that they won't let the kids Komisar bring in her kiddie contracts. It may be that by NOT doing a thousand dippy things that they could help prevent gummint expenditure spiraling out of control.

*ps: what policies have liarbour announced for the upcoming election?