Thursday, September 18, 2008

There'll Always be an England!!!

It has become fashionable lately to predict the demise of Britain.
Bloggers such as Crusader Rabbit have commonly posted on the issue.
Indeed, such views are hardly surprising when we see the damage New Labour under both Tony Blair and Gordon Brown have wreaked.
There's Blair with his seperate assemblies and parliaments in Wales and Scotland, while denying the English their own parliament.
There is the EUSSR too, always as ever imposing its will over free peoples and doing its best to take power away from the British state, a task eased by the gutless British political class themselves fawing before and seeking a European superstate.
There's the rampant immigration too, partricularly muslim immigration, many of whose followers are showing extreme bigotry and contempt for their host.
We see Muslims talking of outbreeding the native whites to take over Britain, a seemingly never-ending stream of terror plots; muslims being corrupt in the police, assaulting a disproportionate number of girls, imposing forced marriages, and building mosques.
Yet, the British state bends over backwards by allowing mosques (when churches aren't allowed in Mulim countries) and allowing these forced marriages; television has a pro-musim bias, we see the official recognition of Sharia Law , promotion of Islamic finance, and Prime Minister Gordon Brown giving a Ramadan message.
I accept, it doesn't look good. An intolerant religion is flexing muscle and growing in strength, while the UK government backs down and encourages such Islamism by its own dhimmitude. The British government committs other crazy acts too, damaging to the moral, economic and social fabric of Britain. Yes, it doesn't look good.
But as a Pom, one who regularly visits, I talk to family and friends and they are not happy with the changes Liarbour has brought to Britain. New Liarbour is deeply unpopular and the limp-wristed me-too Tory alternative is sometimes even seen as a lesser of two evils.
Native Brits will one day demand change, a return to the Britain that once existed. A Britain not necessarily all-white mono-cultural, indeed the Afro-Caribbeans have largely integrated, but one where traditional British values will be restored.
There will be a backlash against the political correctness and overpowering state we see today, backlash of being dictated to by Brussels and a backlash against the muslim menace.
The only questions that remain, is will the backlash be peaceful or violent and how soon or how far way, but it will come one day.
Yes, it is easy to sit from afar and read of a nation destroying itself, a culture in its death throes too. But every so often there are signs that there will be an English renaissance once more, that the British lion will once more roar again.
One of those things was the Last Night of the Proms concerts, which happened a few days ago, an event of National Pride, much as the Liarbour government might disapprove.
So sit back and amid the doom and gloom, see a rare case of Great Britain and Great Britons having pride in themselves and their countries' many achievements.

Jerusalem & GSTQ

Land of Hope and Glory

Bryn Terfel sings Rule Britannia

Hat tip: Theo Spark and Crusader Rabbit


KG said...

I just can't agree with you here Fairfacts.
Visiting England and talking to disaffected people doesn't necessarily give a clearer or more accurate picture than the view of what's happening from a distance.
People grumbling about the situation doesn't change the reality one bit, doesn't restore those rights given away to the EU and doesn't undo the damage being done by council apparatchiks and uncontrolled immigration.
What matters is what's really happening and no amount of Land Of Hope and Glory and flag-waving at the proms is going to change it.

Barnsley Bill said...

I agree with KG, after seeing theo post the proms I had a post in mind myself along similar lines to this one with a more negative conclusion.

I am in daily contact with quite a few friends and family in the UK.
And none of them live on a moor with a wall and a million acres Viscount FFM..... Try chatting with urban dwellers rather than your landed aristocratic family :)
The place is fucked. Friends looking for work cannot get civil service or council jobs because they are white, in fact they do not even get interviews due to their ethnicity. Meanwhile 1600 people per day are pouring across the borders, economic refugees who are assisted in their passage by the french who help the pricks get across the channel.
The we have the islamic scourge which is the real problem, aided by the left and it's legions of self loathing whitey onanists they now have the sharia courts they asked for last year.
massive mosques are built throughout the cities where hate speech and radicalisation is the daily fare for any young muslim who attends.
Allowing people who want your civilastion dead to live in your country (and offering them succour) is stupid beyond belief.
The place is completely fucked.

Redbaiter said...

Great post Fairfacts, but I'm in agreement with KG and BB. There's no way this degree of destruction can be repaired. Civil war is all that will save the UK. It will come. Not for some time, but it will come.

Of course the other sad fact is that the very same peope who have destroyed the UK and its culture are working here (and elsewhere) to achieve the same objectives.

Will NZers wake up? No way, because the seeds of defeat have already been planted, in the education system and other key parts of our culture. It is essentially the academics who are behind this destruction. The message starts in our schools, and gets carried forth from there to our media institutions and our cultural centres.

The only way to overcome it is to throw the propagandists from our schools. Even so, there is still a generation or two of miseducated adults out there. The poison has been injected, and like a body strapped to the execution table, the culture that succeeded so well because it valued individual rights, freedom and liberty will inevitably die. Unless someone comes up with a miracle antidote.

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with BB (although I had a good cry watching the Proms, one of the things I do miss from when I lived in London) and Redbaiter is also absolutely right, the leftist poison is already well established here and unless something drastic happens NZ will end up in the same crapper that the UK has fallen into.


Sus said...

So what are you all *doing* about it, except hand-wring?

What are you joining?
Who are you speaking to?
Where are you speaking publicly?

I can't and don't argue with most of your sentiments. But sitting around grizzling wasn't going to change a darn thing. So I got off my bum & joined the *only* #political party that stays true to its principles:

Personal freedom
Personal responsibility
Limited govt

#Not National.