Thursday, September 18, 2008

Something worse than Chinese baby milk

Chinese wine!
I'm horrified at the thought of it.
But China is apparantly a major producer of wine already and looks set to be number 1 in years to come.
This afternoon, I was reading a Herald magazine which noted China could be number 1 supplier 50 years from now, especially if global warming had some impact on producers like Australia, which might become too dry.
China, apparrantly, has lots of land, differing soils and lots of cheap labour.
And in time, notes the BBC, it could develop the skills to produce wines that rival the best of France!
But can it? Will it be safe? I recall the damage done to the Austrian wine industry when it was discovered to be using anti-freeze in its wines.
Anyway, with the safety fears over any foodstuff from China, on top of the crap they supply the world, particularly Wal-Mart and the Warehouse, can China produce decent wine?
I'm not convinced. I am sure I have tried Chinese wine on my travels but I don't recall it being any good.
Perhaps our Hong Kong-based living treasure Cactus Kate can help us here. Is it any good?
Regardless of Climate change, I will stick with my sauv blancs and Lindauer from New Zealand, and the great reds of Oz, but English bubbles sounds most interesting


Cactus Kate said...

I don't drink wine.

And I don't drink champagne unless it's French and expensive.

How many FUCKING times do I have to repeat this?

Anonymous said...

I'll be checking the label very carefully before quaffing any imported wine in the future.

Mrs Danvers

Anonymous said...

Chinese is and will be very dodgy
It will have the right label and possibly the right colour but it won't be the right flavour
Counterfeit is the chinese way

WAKE UP said...

They can't play jazz or country music either :)