Thursday, September 18, 2008

Something to confuse WebMarshall

Some breasts, Boobies, a pair of Great Tits and a man with a large cock!


Anonymous said...

I think the issue raised about the likes of webmarshel are very serious although i doubt the banning of your site would be a politically motivated 'hit'. I remember surfing at the public library and being unable to access kiwiblog, this censor first and ask questions attitude is appalling. Public internet at work, the library, or schools should allow free access to political speech and the unfair, difficult to remedy nature of false positives leads me to the conclusion that these filtering programs are just a waste of fucking time. Now it would be uncomfortable to look over someone shoulder in a public space and see hardcore-pornography but enforcing decency through should be left to the REAL people who live, work, learn, study in these places. A simple 'hey mate that's not appropriate here' is enough. Perhaps if it is images that we are really afraid of we could merely block images from all sites that would have otherwise been banned. There is some disturbing and inflamatory stuff in BOOKS but the library doesnt attach age limits or try and ban BOOKS, sadly i think the older generation is just prejediced against this new fangled internet thing.

Anonymous said...

oops that was supposed to be 'censor first and ask questions LATER'