Friday, September 5, 2008

Soccer Mom score her goals as McCain team look set for victory

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The Sarah Palin speech is best enjoyed in full, rather than the few snippets you might have seen on the news late last night.

True this is generally a right-wing blog, and true, I am a right-winger myself, so I guess I am biased. But if you have 30-plus minutes to spare, you will see the calibre of the Alaska Governor running for Vice President.

Here is a straightforward woman with no airs and graces doing the best for herself, her family and her country. She is a proud American and a proud mum, whose small town traditional values will resonate across the bulk of America.

And to those of a more liberal-left persuasion, she is living proof a woman can break the glass ceiling. She is also promising more change than the ObamaMessiah does and shows how she has already done it.

You will see an introduction to the Palin family, who must seem so ordinary you might recognise them from down the road, troubles and all, which all seem to make them more human, far more so than that plastic packed package we get from the ObamaMessiah, from the Chicago Democratic political machine and the Washington Beltway.

With the Palins, what you see is what you get, right from steel worker and union member husband Todd, to the pregnant daughter and the redneck snowboarder future son-in-law.

And with wit and charm, Palin knocked Obama down to size proving that even a small town mayor, never mind state governor, has more executive experience than the ObamaMessaiah has.

Like the Republican Party and much of the media coverage, I am more than impressed with Palin and I see she will take McCain to the White House. Certainly bloggers like Iain Dale and Andrew Bolt are impressed too.

Maybe even the media will realise the error of their ways, which I think has toughened the soccer mom and given her the sympathy of her party, before it became deserved respect, pride and support. And maybe more journalists will take note of the home truths from Newt Gingrich in his closing comments to a MSNBC reporter.

UPDATE: See the checks Palin went through.


Ackers said...

You're delusional as always FFM. Nice to think you have so little faith in America that you think this is the real thing.

Michael Tomasky nicely sums up what you can expect.

"One last cautionary note to conservative serum-drinkers, or to liberals terrified now that she's impossibly formidable. Remember how things change in 24 or 48 hours. We're still sitting on a powder keg of Palin administration and family potential scandals. One could break Friday, and suddenly, the speech would be forgotten instantly. Or one might not. But whatever the case, the speech will fade. She will also soon face the reality that she will have to endure a tough interview or two, without a teleprompter and without an adoring crowd. And, since she opened up a can of whup-ass on the Democrats, it entitles them to open up a can on her. One can be sure they will."

Lets inded regroup in 48 hours and see how feisty you are feeling....

Ackers said...

Girls talk....

In two different focus groups of Clinton-supporting Nevada women --
married and unmarried -- conducted immediately after Gov. Sarah
Palin's Wednesday night speech to the Republican National Convention,
a few common reactions quickly took shape.

First, women in both groups were impressed with Palin's speaking
ability and poise. But they were hardly convinced that she was
qualified to be vice president, or that she truly represented the
"change" they were looking for, especially in light of what was deemed
an overly harsh "sarcasm" pervading her address.

The (mostly) anonymous proceedings were webcast live to reporters, who
were told in a press release that the Nevada focus groups would
include "some former Hillary Clinton supporters who are now undecided
or are weak supporters of Barack Obama or John McCain." No party
identification was made available, though the approximately two dozen
women were reportedly between 30 and 60 years old.

In the "married" group, when one attendee kicked off the discussion by
saying "she's a good speaker, and a crowd pleaser," the rest of the
room articulated their agreement. "I didn't expect to be as impressed
as I was," said another respondent. But then another woman added:
"Once she started mudslinging, I thought, it's the same old crap as
other politicians. McCain used her to get the women's vote. And she's
using McCain."

"Thank you," another woman responded. "That really upset me; there was
no need for that. It was snippy."

The unmarried group also voiced similar objections to the harsh,
partisan edge of Palin's remarks. "I'm not impressed with her at all
as a person," one said, citing her "finger pointing" and general
sarcasm after the group had generally agreed that she was a talented
public speaker.

Still not all focus group members thought Palin came off too harsh.
"She didn't seem very aggressive to me at all," said one unmarried

But in both groups, narrow majorities said they held a more negative
view of Palin after her speech. "She comes off pretty cutthroat," said

And CNN saying it's not working in Minnesota, which is moving further and further into Obama's camp: Obama (D) 53%, McCain (R) 41%.

dad4justice said...

The Hillary Side Show Clinton Act supporters are so stale they smell like a closed fish factory. It's so refreshing to see a real lady step up as Vice President, much to the displeasure of the man hating Billary Brigade of Jackbooted Fembots bitches and stupid lying toilet tappers,like Miss Klark and Mr Davis etc..

Anonymous said...

Palin is just great.

frankly I hope McCain has to resign after a couple of years- that would give us 10 years of a Palin Presidency!

That would fix many of the things wrong with the US and the World:
- finally resolve the abortion problem (supreme court judges just decide that the "Right to Live" applies to the unborn (far more than undoing Roe-vs-Wade)
- be clear that the constitution's clause on "giving aid to enemies" overrules the first amendment, stopping the press in their tracks!
- resolve the middle east problems directly
- oh and sort out NZ - if you want to trade with the US then you need to be an "Ally" not just a "very very good friend"

Palin will be a combination of Margaret Thatcher and Ruth Richardson for the US.

As the President said: "time to smash the Angry Left"

OECD rank 22 kiwi said...

Victory for the Republican's is now all but assured.

The best part is the Lefties affectively pushing Sarah Palin straight into the Vice President's office by their own nasty actions. Victory will be sweet.

Anonymous said...

Well when even the Guardian is hailing Palin as the next Margaret Thatcher yeah the lefties should be really really afraid - and moving to France or somewhere.

Because Palin says what she means and means what she says. And when she calls leties and the lefty news media "traitors" that's how she will treat them. And when she says "Abortion is Murder" that's how she will treat abortionists.

Again from the Guardian:

There is only one true America...
that America is very, very red. New red. As in anti-commie red. Anti-gay red. Anti-liberal red.

Ackers said...

WAKE UP said...

Dunno which speech Ackers saw, but it sure wasn't the one I did. Both the Giuliani and Palin speeches were absolutely superb, among the best I've seen in a lifetime of watching such things. Obama is TOAST.

And you know one of the points of difference? Both speakers made seriously telling points with grace, wit and HUMOUR - and if there's one thing that has been missing from the dour, messiah-like, po-faced holier-than-thou Obama camp, it's humour. (Similar to some other folks who don't have America's best interests at heart).

(Come to think of it, it's absent from Ackers' straw-clutching posts too. Sad, really :)

Clunking Fist said...

Followed ackers link to a video about Karl Rove. Not sure why it's relevent (didn't stop to watch) but like the comment that accompanied the video:
"In the Bush-Rove era, only a comedy show can expose the truth."

cos the lefties just love humour, especially political cartoonists, eh, hulun.


One thng that seems to have passed us by, though Adolf probably mentioned it, is the role of Joe Lieberman.
Here is a senior and respected Democrat, who ran on the Gore ticket speaking at the Republican convention.
That seems like a ringing endorsement of McCain and Palin to me.

Now, Ackers, Andrew Sullivan ha had his mouth round Obama's cock for such a long time, he is no longer considered a true conservative.

I think the Democrat are committing Obamacide thanks to choosing their Obamination.
They will have to wait until 2012 for any unlikely saviour when it may well be a all-women contest between Palin and the Hilldog.