Monday, September 29, 2008

So what's it to be? Southland or South Australia? And who/what will be our replacement taxpayers?

Fairfacts went to Granny Herald's careers expo yesterday, the one it ran in association with the South Australian government.
I have a dilemma now. Will it be Hawkes Bay or Adelaide, Queensland or Southland?
Even Wellington was promoting itself.
Certainly if you have a trade, you have glowing prospects, even in New Zealand.
The Herald itself had a big stand looking for staff, but I bet they will be after more sales staff than journos.
But since APN has papers in Australia too, you never know.
Certainly the impact of Australia at the expo was massive.
There's jobs galore in mining, not just South Australia, or West, but Queensland too and the Northern Territory was also well represented.
For health workers the world seems your oyster.
And South Australia and Queensland seems especially keen for those with talent with major stands from their state governments.
But where will New Zealand get its talent from?
Well, there certainly seemed to be a large number of Indians and Chinese at the show.
However, are they staying here or using New Zealand as a stopover for an Australian end destination?
While Peter Brown of New Zealand First may have a point in raising the issue of how immigrants fit in, perhaps his fears are overblown, if people from even Third World Countries aren't that keen on staying in New Zealand.
But how might that impact on the right of Kiwis to live and work in Australia as we have now?
Will Australia accept an influx of Third World immigrants from New Zealand on top of the tens of thousands of indigenous Kiwis (Maori, Pasifika and Pakeha)? A trend set to continue, regardless of who wins the election.
In the meantime, I leave you with something found on No Pasaran.
If our replacement taxpayers aren't going to be Indians and Chinese, what else will they be?
Who will pay for the welfare state Liarbour supporters demand?


Anonymous said...

Who will pay for the welfare state Liarbour supporters demand?

Who cares? I mean, really - who cares?

Anonymous said...

So how about Austria!

I mean, the Austrian versions of ACT just got 30% of the vote!

sandy223 said...

Second place went to Nanne Grönvall (who represented Sweden a few years ago, and also tried for the UK contest). Her song Håll om mig wasn't the best slice of pop in the world, but wasn't as pants as Martin's track.
Sandy Romoe