Saturday, September 20, 2008

Shouldn't we listen to the experts?

A Kiwi who has made a billion-dollar fortune in Russia believes New Zealand is losing its way and squandering its potential.

Taranaki-born Stephen Jennings, who lives in Russia, is one of New Zealand's richest men. His wealth was estimated at $5.2 billion by Forbes magazine last month.

Well, his ideas worked for himself, so surely he knows how to apply them to a country.

Mr Jennings told the Weekend Herald no other comparable country had as many young people living and working overseas - and isolation was not an excuse.
People weren't leaving Iceland or Perth, which were also isolated.
"The most damning indicator is when people vote with their feet and leave the country. We have to face the reality that our people are leaving the country because there is somewhere else they want to live."

Indeed, only yesterday, new figures shows the trans-Tasman exodus at its highest in 19-years, when Liarbour was in power before!

Mr Jennings said the world's developing economies were growing at an unprecedented rate, and New Zealand needed a more entrepreneurial economy to keep up.
He advocated reducing the size of government, changing the welfare system, reducing taxes and debating "sacred cows" such as the health system.

Obviously, Liarbour and Michael Cullen won't agree with such prescriptions. But what do they know? They have failed to generate much wealth for themselves and have little or no experience of the private sector. Thus, we have seen New Zealand's relative economic decline continue.

Indeed, Cactus Kate notes the inappropriate nature of the experience and qualifications of the failed Lehman Brothers, which obviously impacted on the bank's performance. A bit like having History Professors Running The Economy, like New Zealand currently has.

It all just adds to what I have said several times about Cullen and his attacks on John Key, that Key should not be Prime Minister because he worked at Merryl Lynch 8 years ago and is to blame for its problems today. Instead,I say John Key, who made $50 million from his financial trading, is perhaps even more qualified and suitable to run our economy. He is an expert at amassing a fortune for himself, so he will have better ideas on amassing wealth for New Zealand.

All Cullen has done in his sheltered public-setor career is squandered the best economic circumstanes in a generation and his bizarre attack show how desperate he has become!


Sus said...

"He advocated reducing the size of government, changing the welfare system, reducing taxes and debating "sacred cows" such as the health system."

I read that today, too. Bravo.

But John Key's personal wealth aside (for which he deserves credit; good for him; no nasty envy from this little black duck), where has he said he's going to adopt any of that, save from returning me a bit more of my own money than that miserable bastard, Cullen?

Let's look at them individually:

1. Reducing govt? No. Key's waiting for 'natural attrition' .. like parasites are going to leave the public disservice in droves to change the habit of a lifetime & be productive?! Dream on, kids!

2. Changing the welfare system? No. Gutless.

3. Reducing taxes. Just playing, as already discussed.

4. The sacred cows. Jeez, if only! Sacred cows are to be slaughtered & roasted for mine. But John will keep throwing lots of your money down that big black ungrateful hole. Just you watch.

Pity. Stephen Jennings' prescription really is what the doctor should order.

OECD rank 22 kiwi said...

Stephen Jennings offers wise advice.

It's too bad the two main parties are deaf to his sound logic.

Only ACT gets close to what Stephen Jennings advocates.