Friday, September 12, 2008

Send in the pirahnas!

There lies the wounded old shark.
Blood still dripping from its large teeth.
The beast has been around a long time and wreaked much damage.
But the old thing is on its last legs now.
One last fight before the reserve in New York beckons.
But its mate lies fatally wounded too.
Might the shark finish him off as one final act of mercy, even to save her own skin.
The reef fish can be cruel at times, though they have largely been like pussy cats to the old shark.
But they are not reef fish, it seems but pirahnas!
And they have apparantly savaged the shark's old mate.
Oh hell! what if they go for the wounded old shark herself. Her battles have left blood gushing from the gills, the fins, the tail, all over.
The old shark lies wounded and vulnerable.
But will they?


homepaddock said...

The marine metaphor is wonderfully appropriate for this debacle which smells very, very fishy.

KG said...

More like a stranded squid, with tentacles and suckers exposed for all the world to see....

Anonymous said...

Give it no mercy until it is dead

a wounded shark could still bite!

and if you let it away to lick its wounds it could be back and twice as vicious.

chop off its fins and it will starve to death, slowly!

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Is the thresher shark the one with the very ugly head?

Lance said...

Thresher sharks are the ones with long whippy tails.

Goblin sharks have bad teeth and ugly ass faces:

Anonymous said...

I have always found it odd that the only time she brushes up is at election time. Surrounded by lackeys, greasers and advisors of every stripe and yet she still emerges looking like an embattled scarecrow.

Mrs Danvers