Monday, September 8, 2008

Scampi scandal before the courts today

The blogosphere may have got away with broadcasting the TVNZ Sumonovich scampi tapes last weekend, but TVNZ and APN are still in bother.
The $30 million defamation case came before the courts today and made a small step forward on procedural matters.
And with Winston Peters also playing a role in this, it all adds to the corruption at the heart of Helengrad.
Here's what Whale Oil says on the matter:
The fact remains, that there are serious allegations of bribery, corruption and lying to a parliamentary select committee. For these allegations to go unchecked is a travesty against our democracy. It tells people that our parliamentary processes are possibly corrupt and able to be bought by big business.

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Anonymous said...

Right yep - and who can collapse a select committee inquiry?

hint: not some small minor coalition partner.

Get the fisheries donors up in front of the priviledges committee, offer them immunity, and the lift won't stop at the foreign minister's office, but keep going right on up.