Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Satisfy your cravings!

I'm surprised people can be bought so cheaply.
The allegations from Owen Glenn that Liarbour 'treated' people to KFC last election grows all the more interesting, with a intervention in Parliament from Mangere MP Taito Philip Field.
Like many, I'm having trouble accessing Whale Oil's site today.
Is he the victim of his own success for posting such finger licking scandals, is it gremlins or is it left-leanings hackers trying to spoil our fun.
Keeping Stock offers a little more on 'KFC For Votes'.
Now, either someone is smearing Liarbour with chicken fat, or there is one of biggest political scandals in New Zealand politics just waiting to be told.
Surely, there's a journalist out there who can get to the bottom of this amazing story. If true, Williams, Clark and their cronies deserve to be fried for this! But it all explainshow on Election Night Mike Williams on tv was able to say with much confidence that he expected a good result from South Auckland that would overturn the rest of the country.


Anonymous said...

yes, I have a craving to see Liarbore behind bars.
These scandals are certainly finger licking good.
It's all getting too hot and spicy for Liarbore with each day.
Soon they will discover they have bitten off more they can chex.
And Clark and co will be in a box and John Key will takeaway the election while Liarbore enjoy the feed inside.


Anonymous said...

Whaleoil is down because he has been exposed


Anonymous said...

yes, I have a craving to see Liarbore behind bars.

hell yeah!

Anonymous said...

Actually, I think it's a DDoS