Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Sacking of Corporal Winston

It occurs to Adolf that Clark may well instruct her surrogates on the Priviledges Committee to vote "guilty" when the committee eventually makes a decision, thereby allowing her to avoid direct personal responsibility for sacking Peters.


This would allow her to again snuggle up to him after the election, in the unlikely event he survives.


Clearly Helen Clark's standard of accountability for Ministerial Maoris from nga Puhi (MMP) has moved from 'rumours swirling around' (Dover Samuels) to 'he's not in jail yet.' (Winston Peters)


Anonymous said...

ten fingers and thumbs from Winnie.
One for each year he should serve.
I don't mean in government or opposdition but in jail.
Send him down.

Yes, it is outrageous how Dover was treated by comparison.
Dover should piddle all over Helen's carpets should he ever get the chance


Dave said...

I think you're wrong. Peters wont be sacked as Clark will say any decision against Peters is not devastating enough