Sunday, September 7, 2008

Rudd era reaching its demise so soon?

The KRudd has been in power less than a year and already it's turning to custard.
So soon after almost losing the Northern Territory, it looks like Labor has lost Western Australia. The Age notes people are tired of Labor's talk and no action attitude.
Andrew Bolt says WA could be the first Liberal state win in a long time, and it being the first Labor state to fall in more than a decade.
This follows the Gippsland by-election , which also saw sharp swings against Labor.
And with Labor in New South Wales in disarray, following the sudden resignation of premier Morris Iemma, and the resignation of the NSW treasurer and deputy , its not looking good for Labor at state level.
While Kevin Rudd brushes off any suggestion of blame, an interesting trend is developing, of states swinging to the coalition.
Now, I have heard some say the states like to be opposite politically to the federal government, regardless of whoever is in charge in Canberra or is Krudd losing his shine and tainting the once powerful Labor brand.
While it looks grim at state level for Labor, federally Roy Morgan still had his government ten points ahead. But at least Australian politics look set for fun and turmoil, with Labor suffering much sooner than I expected.


Ackers said...

You doofus. Howard ruled for nearly 12 years and in that time the Liberals didn't win a single state election. This is the pattern in Oz. There is no correlation at all between what happens electorally at the state level and what happens federally. There were 2 federal by elections on the weekend. The Nationals lost a seat with a massive swing against it and in Mayo, Alexander Downers old seat the Liberals almost lost to the Greens, both bigger swings against coalition parties than Labor suffered in the west.

The latest Newspoll confirms that Labor electorally is even more popular than it was at the last election.

I'm sure Rudd would have been more than happy with Saturday's results. They were more damaging for Nelson's leadership


Thank you Ackers for confirming the disparity between sate and federal government.
But at least it gives the Libs and Nats something to get excited about.
And I did note the federal poll showing support for Labor.
Still, Labour is certainly having a lot of turmoil at state level.

So is Costello going to make a come back?

Ackers said...

Who knows re Costello. The Oz commentariat is desparate for it to be so. What we do know is Nelson is history and will be gone by Xmas.

I'm not sure that Costello is the electoral asset some would think he is and he certainly hasn't shown the spunk needed to fight for the job.

It's all just a big game to try and prevent Turnbull from taking over. The reality is I think he's the only one who can do it.

Ackers said...

FFM, the Piping Shrike is always worth reading re Australian politics