Friday, September 26, 2008

Recession confirmed!! With a third quarter expected!

Yes, Cullen should have his hands up in shame!
Lairbour's economic mismanagement has delivered us a recession.
What a remarkable achievement for Liarbour after 9 years.
As we approach an election, we have two quarters of negative economic growth, that looks set to be a third.
True, times are now tough globally.
But we have a shrinking economy, rather than the slowdowns experienced overseas.
Liarbour benefited from a benign international situation over the past few years, but squandered it.
This is why we keep slipping in economic league tables.
No talk of getting into the top half of the OECD now from Uncle Helen, no talk of a knowledge economy anymore.
They squandered the best economic circumstances in a generation, leaving National one helluva mess to deal with, should it be elected.
Now, you Liarbour voters out there, might wonder why the economy matters.
You might think welfare and public services are what counts.
Well, how do you think New Zealand is to pay for such things?
So well done Helen, well done Michael, well done Liarbour!

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