Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Rainbow Room: A Help or a hinderence?

A well intentioned gesture, I'm sure, but will it actually help the cause of gay rights/equality?
I am sure up and down Ponsonby Road and in Grey Lynn the champagne corks will be popping at such recognition.
'Oh,' everyone will be saying, 'we will just have to vote Liarbour now.'
Thing is, now that the Civil Union Bill has passed, the 'gay community,' if such a thing exists, no longer has an incentive to back Liarbour.
The Civil Union Bill would have happened under a National-led government anyway, I was told recently.
The gay people I know are quite happy carrying on with their lives with little fuss. Special attention and treatment is not asked for or required. They want to be left alone and treated like anyone else, be judged on what they do, who they are, not who they sleep with.
Some will probably feel embarassed at such a measure of government tokenism, which will probably stir up a reaction from the 'rednecks' out there.
So will such a Rainbow Room advance the cause of gay people, or indeed, the Liarbour Party? Probably not. The well-intentioned move will probably backfire, highlighting how politically correct and how out of touch with everyone Liarbour has become in recent years.


Anonymous said...

It's just pandering, plain and simple. I suppose we can't expect much else - from any party. It is election time.

dad4justice said...

Tim Barnett is a disgrace to New Zealand.

Barnsley Bill said...

No he is not dad, he is a disgrace to the UK.
If he had any fucking nuts at all he would be marching up and down outside the school that wants it part time prostitute teacher to quit.
A stupid law begets farcical situations.

OECD rank 22 kiwi said...

Are you sure Parliament didn't dedicated a select committee room to mark the ability of Labour to piss taxpayer money up against a wall?