Thursday, September 25, 2008

Racing community seek to put Winston out to grass

The other day, Busted Blonde reported that racing trainer Paul Moroney had had his tyres slashed after he gave evidence against Winston Peters.
As we covered at No Minister , the fear was that Moroney was under pressure from either the racing fraternity or Liarbour First supporters.
Well, in today's NZ Herald he has confirmed the slashing of tyres, which Moroney puts down to an employment dispute in Matamata.

"I don't think anyone could be angry enough to come down to the track at 4am and slash my tyre," the Matamata trainer said.
He said he had actually had a lot of support for the stand he took.
He had not had any backlash and, he said, he had not lost any customers.
"I've actually gained a couple of horses from this."

So, despite the millions Winston secured for the industry, helped by his wealthy backers like the Vela family, we see even the racing industry cannot abide the stench from Liarbour First and Helen's Poodle.
Interesting how the Herald follows Roar Prawns lead. What blog stories will they have tomorrow?

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Anonymous said...

So he's still had the frighteners on him

saying the tyres weren't slashed by the Labour party..

which Moroney puts down to an employment dispute

Oh, slashed by the local union.