Monday, September 8, 2008

Quote for today

Regular readers of No Minister are quite possibly not also regular readers of The Fundy Post (given that its author is not only a fellow lefty, but a Labour supporter to boot), however there is often great wisdom to be found there, eloquently expressed.

Today's post is what the less wise and eloquent among us might call an analysis of why the Herald on Sunday is shit (although to be fair, the same analysis could usefully be applied to other news organs.) My eye was struck by the following:

For the benefit of readers overseas, I should explain that New Zealand is a country where very little happens. This is a good thing, because most things that happen are bad things.

Couldn't have put it anywhere close to that well myself.



Hilarious PM. Good to see it on our blogroll. I must pay attention to it in future.

Clunking Fist said...

What a great post at Fundy. Now I feel vindicated in not buying ANY newspaper. By reading news only on the web, that makes me a greenie. (My wife just says I'm a meanie.)

I couldn't quite resist the urge to leave some remark whilst there...