Sunday, September 7, 2008

The price of poodles

Stuff today reports that a chiahuahua is the most expensive breed of dog to keep because of what they chew and where they leave their little messes.
But what about poodles?
Aren't the expensive too?
Don't they need plenty of baubles to keep happy?
And what about the messes these badly trained creatures leave everywhere?
I am sure Helen Elizabeth Clark of Mt Albert will have a few things to say about the cost of her poodle, Winston!
How she is defending the wretched little beast is coming at a growing cost.
Indeed, she might even lose her job and go to prison over its bad behaviour.
She didn't even have the courage to put it down, despite its obvious case of distemper.
But we all know about the crankys way of eccentric old spinsters and their pets!

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