Monday, September 8, 2008

Polls and facts show the leftist lie machine ain't working!

Andrew Bolt gives a fair round-up on how the left have tried to smear Palin and how it isn't working.
First, the smears crumbles before the evidence, and now even the journos are getting sick of being pushed to raise them.
And when it comes to the polls, such media smearing is upsetting the voters, as we have reported already, is helping push McCain to a 4% lead in the polls.
Now, I'm just watching TV1 news. It says Palin won't give interviews while the other candidates are on tv. But she now will be on ABC this week.
But for starters Oprah Winfrey won't have her, despite having Obama on twice. No wonder viewers are unhappy.
With much of the media being hostile, you can understand the Republicans being wary.
I am sure the Democrats would do likewise in the same situation.
By the way, Obama will have to stop making gaffe like this one below.
I guess losing in the polls is putting too much pressure on him.
There again, a community organiser who only spent 143 days in the senate probably isn't used to it.
As someone told Times Online:
Governor Palin makes Barack Obama seem like a small insignificant boy. His entire campaign has been nothing but a self-centered love for himself. His arrogance is overbearing and immature. Our enemies pray he gets elected so they can walk all over our country. Fortunately he will not win it.


Anonymous said...

The citizens of the USA seem to love Palin and all the smearing is really backfiring.
Just this evening Russell Brand led the MTV awards and totally crapped on Bristol and encouraged all to vote for Obama. People are now crashing the MTV website with complaints.
Only last week Us Magazine had a hit piece on Palin which resulted in 10,000 readers cancelling their subscriptions.

Its good to see that people are not easily swayed by such negativity.

Psycho Milt said...

Given that I don't care about this race, how come I understand it better than you guys? Palin is bringing to McCain the small-town redneck and fundamentalist Christian vote that he wasn't getting before. His numbers will be skyrocketing, and so will his donations, as fundies start opening their wallets. That's all why she's there in the first place, so no surprises. The risk to McCain is that she'll put off his educated, urban, non-Christian supporters, but it's a risk he obviously thinks it's worth taking.

That's what's going on. The fact that the media have been doing the vetting that McCain doesn't seem to have bothered with is irrelevant.

Anonymous: the MTV guys don't like small-town fundie rednecks? Do tell! And, do you find anything even slightly ironic about being offended by such "negativity" against Palin right underneath some fairly intense negativity against Obama, quoted by FFM? This stuff really does go right over you partisans' heads, doesn't it?

Simon said...

Psy Milt you should probably read this article from Helen Clark’s favourite newspaper

“After a week when Sarah Palin was mercilessly mocked and pilloried in sections of the American media....

As for the so called fundies they have decided every American presidential election (with the exception of Clinton) since Nixon.

Anonymous said...

Ah PM,if you wish to discuss donations, Obama got $10 million in the following TWO days after Palin was announced.
Lets just face it, the Left care more about their smug faux moral superiority which they use to justify their plain nastiness.

Anonymous said...

The polls are now clear: McCain/Palin pulling well away from the communist weatherman...

Frankly I think we could be looking at 10 years of a Palin presidency!

As the lefty guardian reporter said:

I realised I was looking at the new Margaret Thatcher

Anonymous said...

The Americans are now 10% ahead of the communists!!

in retrospect, the only surprise is that they are only 10% ahead.

Anonymous said...

Obama peaked too early when he battled Hillary. Obamas speech in Denver was meant to be of historic significance, according to the left.
By the next day it was forgotten. New broom sweep clean an all.

Falafulu Fisi said...

Obama peaked too early when he battled Hillary.

So, Obama is like our All Blacks, they peak too early before the main battle (world cup) begins?

Clunking Fist said...

Someone just HAD to mention the world cup!