Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Policy Cup: National 27, Liarbour 0

It almost look like one of those rugby scores we can only dream of.
But it's the list of policy releases from National, compared to what we have seen from Liarbour.
True, Liabour is pushing some of its policies through, like the Emmissions Taxation as we speak.
But overall Liarbour is certainly playing its cards very close to its chest.
There was John Key on Close Up last night talking about the country wanting to debate the issues rather than deal with scandal.
Indeed, yesterday was a day when National was busy with policy.
Key was talking about the Families Commission yesterday.
More consideration of National Parks.

Housing policy, with affordability central to it was another release.
Yes, it was a busy day for National on the policy front yesterday.
Indeed, we can argue about the appropriateness of how some policies are announced.
But National has nothing to hide. John Key is been clean and honest, up front with the voters.
But what about Liarbour?
Here were are, 8 weeks or less out from Polling Day and Liarbour has released nothing.
Are they going to release so many policies all at once we cannot focus on what they are, attenion to detail in these policies gets lost in the rush, we have no chance to debate and assess them.
Instead Liarbour focusses on fear and smear.
We can argue the merits or otherwise of Nationals policies but they are there for people to see. That is the democratic option, of a party not afraid of the voters.
Uncle Helen, by contrasts obviously doesn't want people to see Liarbour policy as she is afraid o the public's judgment.
Indeed, what is she hiding and why? Is she trying to save announcing policy until after the election?
That hardly seems democratic to me!

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Anonymous said...

Yeah - except that realising policy is a sign of political weakness. Voters don't care about polices.

They do, however, care about corruption.

Labour bought the last election with Owen Glenn's money.