Saturday, September 13, 2008

The Police: An idea for National

The NZ Herald today reveals what we have long suspected, that the police do have quotas on speeding tickets and the like.
What a damning indictiment of years of Helengrad that the police have been reduced to the IRD on wheels and Helen's Little Helpers.
I do hope John Key pledges to turn this around with ieas to put pride back into the police force, and public respect too.
Extra resources, yes, and a turnaround in priorities.
And if we must have quotas, let them be on things like murder, rape and burglarly, in terms of clearance rates, rather than the politicied, politically correct posturing we see at the moment.

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Anonymous said...

National should cancel tasers and pepper spray

and just give the police Uzi's

and change the law so that killing members of corrupt organistations (Gangs, Unions, Labour party)
does not count as a crime.