Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Police corruption in NZ not such a Brash claim now

A few days ago, Tumeke! suggested that the National Party had the goods to prove Liarbour collusion with the police.
Why else have they so often been Helen's little helpers in recent years?
Now, the case in the US where the feds raided a house and arrested the son of a prominent Democrat following the hacking of Sarah Palin's emails draws interesting parallels to our own case of stolen emails- that of Don Brash, where police investigations have been, shall we say, less than enthusiastic.
Matthew Hooton takes up the story.
would a law enforcement agency properly investigate allegations that a senior political figure’s emails had been hacked. The FBI probably figures that, if you wanted to undermine democracy, what you would do is interfere with the communications of organisations like political parties, unions, business groups and so forth, so that they could not resolve differences internally, and then develop policy and strategy, before going public.
In New Zealand of course, Howard Broad’s corrupt Police National Headquarters would wait more than nine months before taking such a complaint seriously, after appointing a Detective Inspector in whom the complainant had no confidence to handle the case, wait months before interviewing anyone, then declare failure, announce that the file was “closed”, only to later say that it was still “active but not being actively pursued” in a 16-month effort to keep the file secret despite the Chief Ombudsman saying it should be released.
You might even think that Police National Headquarters co-ordinated its activities with the Beehive. That’s what Police Association bosses think. And perhaps the file will be released, oh, just before the election
Hat tip: Matthew Hooton


Anonymous said...

Howie Broad is a bent copper Always has been was caught out in his early days DIC and sacr3ed the shit out a young copper to let him go.

He knows after what happened to Doone as did Robinson that to survive under Clark you do what Simpson tells you to do or else.

Sad state really but thats the reality


Poneke said...

You continue to talk shit.

Transparency International has said again as recently as today that NZ is one of the least corrupt countries in the entire world.

I suppose if you think you tell a lie often enough, someone will believe you, though.

KG said...

"I suppose if you think you tell a lie often enough, someone will believe you, though."
Transparency International obviously believe that's so.

Anonymous said...

I'm with Poneke.

Refusing to release a police file isn't corrupt.

Grow up.

Ed Snack said...

Poneke, the problem is, Transparency International doesn't see what it doesn't want to see. And, this is relatively recent and I don't think they have looked into this despite their pronouncement.

The police excuses over the Brash email files are very suspicious, they are not doing anything, and as far as we know, never did anything. They never questioned those who had acknowledged possession of the emails, and never even attempted to get copies of those from the same people. And why refuse to release details, it has been well over a year since there was any action.

Then there's the assault case against Len Richards. Open & Shut case, the evidence is on video that he hit someone. He may have been provoked, but that is not a valid defense, it is a mitigating factor only. Why has he not been charged, too many friends ?

You need to open both eyes to see sometimes.

WAKE UP said...

I don't give a shit about Transparency International, anyone with half a brain can see that for every Hollow Man on one side there's a Hollow Woman on the other - but the police are only helping the latter.

Anonymous said...

Join the dots~
Waiheke foot'n mouth
Urawera Terrorisn raids
Terrorisn bill
Immigration bill
Rob (fit up your suspects)Pope
Howard (I didn't see anything) Broad
The unseen head of anti terrorism at police HQ.
Brash's Emails
Labour candidate for Hunua (Starship Galaxy mindset)
More dots I'm sure and starting to make a great picture for the kiddies colouring book Eh!

Call Darth Vader and the Empire Strikes Back.
Oh and don't forget the fishy tale of scampi proportions.
Winston may be a dumb shit but he has been shafted big time by the queers and their followers. Wait and see.