Saturday, September 27, 2008

The phwoarr! on terror! Get a load of those twin towers!

It's great to see other things happening in the world than our own election.
Take busty Yasmin on the right (yes, please!).
The daughter of a muslim hate preacher, who is banned from Britain, is a single mum who works as a pole dancer!
Apparantly, Yasmin doesn't get on with her dad, who now lives in the Lebanon, and a lover says she is "very adventurous in bed."
Exiled Omar Bakri told the Sun newspaper he is "deeply shocked" by his daughter.
She should not seek forgiveness from me, she should seek forgiveness from God. It is his forgiveness which is important.
"If she has done these things she will be judged on Judgment Day. But God will forgive her anything except becoming a non-Muslim.
“I have no control over her because as far as I know she is still married. Her behaviour should be the responsibility of her husband.”
The Sun also looked at the 'different' lives of other relatives of terror supporters, while the Mail fleshed out more detail with that titillating photo.
Today, the Sun reveals Bakri , while living on state benefits, paid Yasmin £4000 for a boob job!
And while the story is now making the global media, plus blogs like the Huffington Post and the Jawa report, the Anorak satire site has a most hilarious pisstake.
Hat tip: Tim Blair


Lucyna Maria said...

You know, they're not even real.

See, this is why you're not a conservative.

I should really start a series of blog posts to help the liberal that would like to be a conservative, but doesn't know where to start ...


Lucyna, I was corrupted by The Sun newspaper as a boy.
Not to mention Benny Hill, Carry on Films and those naughty Englsh seaside postcards.
I guess I'm a conservative liberal or a liberal conservative.
Take your pic :)

Ackers said...

"It's great to see other things happening in the world than our own election."

Do you realise how funny this statement is FFM when the entire world is so focused on the unfolding drama in the US.

I doubt 99% of Australians for example are even aware there's an election on in NZ. Most still think Helen is popular and will be quite surprised when she's defeated in a landslide come the election.


Yes, Ackers, there's the American election too.
What I should have said, something a little different to the usual political campaigning.
We have had tales about the economy, smears, etc, etc.
Instead, I was tickled by this as a deliciously funny story but one that also pokes fun at the word's most evil religion.

WAKE UP said...

Sigh...lissen up, you lot!

This here is a perfect example of how we give the mad mullahs ammunition. ANY father might be a mite pissed off about a daughter appearing in the media in this manner, and being crassly quoted about her sex life, etc . I would be, trust me, and I'm a liberal conservative atheist (I think:).

The problem here is not the daughter's rebellion (standard issue, happens everywhere), nor the father's shocked pomposity (ditto, been there myself :), nor even the media's gross exploitation of this crap (aided and abetted by the gossip- web and a low level of public taste). The problem is that we should know better.

And connecting this piece of pulp media crap with the Twin Towers is just gross. Not funny, guys.

This is low-end stuff, and the fact that the father is Muslim shouldn't divert our attention from that point. To that extent, his religion is irrelevant.


there are some real clues for us in what the father says:

* "...she should seek forgiveness from God". No she shouldn't, she should forgive herself, take responsibilty for her actions, and straighten up and fly right.

* "I have no control over her because as far as I know, she is still married". Helloo papa, she's an adult, with a child.

* "...her behaviour should be the responsibilty of her husband". Excuse me? Calling all feminists!
Need I say more?

* "God will forgive her anything except becoming a non-Muslim". Ahhh, the BIG one. Remember, we are already beyond the pale for not being Muslims in the first place.

As I said in my Twenty Tips to Muslims: forget about fatwas, mind your business where we're concerned. we'll deal with our stuff ourselves etc etc.

And as I say to us: we need to clean up our own act because we should WANT to (a side benefit of which will be that it'll give them even less excuse to hassle us - not that they have any right to in the first place).