Thursday, September 4, 2008

Peter Williams on the Privileges Committee

PW QC was on Larry's show tonight. Very revealing.
  1. He repeated ad nauseum Brian Edwards' points.
  2. He said it was a very bad day for democracy as he wasn't allowed to be heard: we need freedom of speech!!! Funny that. That's what Rodney Hide was trying to tell Winston and the Speaker in Parliement the other day when Winston and Labour shut him down.
  3. He called Glenn senile: in his 70's. PW QC is 73 I believe.
  4. He said there is a big turnaround in public opinion for Winston. Son of Mr Morgan, Roy, says otherwise.
  5. He said he didn't know all the facts! Aye? His client hasn't told him the facts? How can he represent him without the facts!! Winston goes on, and on, and on, and on about revealing the facts but won't tell them to his own lawyer.
  6. Brian Henry is a reputable lawyer, barrister a gentlemen (by innuendo Owen Glenn is a lying, senile scumbag).
I still feel that the privileges committee has failed to call the most obvious witness, Mike Williams. It all starts with him in October 2005.
Act leader Rodney Hide is safe in his seat of Epsom, with the Labour Party dropping plans to mount a legal challenge against his election spending.

Labour had been contemplating filing an electoral petition alleging that Mr Hide had overspent his $20,000 electorate campaign budget. If successful, it would have forced a by-election in the blue-ribbon seat.

But Labour Party president Mike Williams said yesterday that although he believed Mr Hide had blown his budget, Labour had little to gain from challenging him.
"Our back-of-the-envelope calculation I think was $36,000, but it was going to cost us $100,000 to do it and strategically we think he drags National to the right and makes them unelectable."
Mr Williams said key questions about the election - including whether "push-polling" and paid canvassing staff counted as campaign expenses that had to be declared - would be answered by Winston Peters' petition against Bob Clarkson in Tauranga, which Labour would co-operate with.

He had met Mr Peters' lawyer, Brian Henry, and would provide information to assist in the court case.
In 2005 we have straight from the mouth of Mike Williams that:
  • Labour knew the petition would cost the exact amount Glenn donated;
  • Labour were co-operating with Peters over his petition (you can assume Peters asked how it would be paid for);
  • Peters' lawyer was Brian Henry therefore Peters was the client that Henry referred to in his correspondence to Glenn providing his deposit slip for the $100K);
  • Williams met with Henry to enable the aforementioned deposit.
This story is from October 2005. Glenn made his donation in December 2005. Read Glenn's second letter closely. Prior to making the donation, he was ["earlier"] contacted by Winston. That earlier would be about October I imagine, and Winston probably got Glenn's phone number from Henry who got it from Mike Williams at their meeting(s).

This is all about an election being bought in 2005 by Labour's $880K illegal taxpayers spend, and wealthy overseas donors funding electoral petitions to ensure the correct result. It starts in October 2005, not February 2008 when Clark said she knew about it.

My bet is she knew about it in 2005. So did Williams and so did Peters.

The Privileges Committee should be calling Mike Williams. There should be a Commisison of Enquiry into the 2005 election headed by Peter Williams QC considering he is so concerned about democracy.

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Anonymous said...

The Privileges Committee should be calling Mike Williams

Nope. All the facts are in the open: there is no need for the Committee to call Williams or Clark or anyone else.

All that is required is
- for a majority of committee members to suspend Labour members from the committee
- for the rest of the committee to find Helen, Winston, Mike Williams and all the rest in contempt of parliament and jail them.

such a finding cannot be appealed. Parliament is the highest court in the land.

What happened in 2005 will happen again in 2008

the crooks - the Labour Party and their union mates - cannot be allowed to contest another election - ever again.