Sunday, September 7, 2008

The perfect Father's Day Gift

What does every father want on Father's Day or on many other days of the year?
I have seen the ads on telly from Supercheap Auto suggesting a range of alternatives to socks, ties, etc, etc.
I even drove by a place in West Auckland offering a Father's Day Special- on backwaxes!
But no, I have a better idea.
What does every father want, but a blow job!
Obviously, we cannot have the children delivering them personally.
And if mum won't deliver, then there is trouble.
We cannot expect Dad to go to the knocking shop.
So as a service to our readers, I have found a solution.
Or rather those clever Japanese have.
They have invented blowjob machines!
The Gizmodo gadget guide has the info on the Pink Japanese Blowjob Machine, and the Kanojo Toys shop offers a similar product, which it shows how to use. You can even buy it online.
Oh well, it might be too late for this Father's Day but there's always next year.
And Christmas will soon be upon us!

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Anonymous said...

Just the right colour for Liarbour MPs.
We know what a bunch of wankers they are!