Thursday, September 25, 2008

Palin Syrah, not the taste of San Fran but what about our own varieties?

Lovely story from the US about a Chilean wine called Palin Syrah.
Even though it's organic, liberals in San Francisco are not buying the wine, even though sales are taking off in Texas.
It all about the name, it seems, but what about the contents?
What if New Zealand had wines named after Uncle Helen and John Key, especially as Key's constituency covers a wine growing area.
Obviously, Helen Clark would be a red wine. But would it be sour, tart , bitter and vinegary? Can we bottle any more of her?
The John Key wine would be white, a sauvignon blanc perhaps, or a riesling; he would be fresh and crisp. Is he dry or a little fruity? And what about a Winston wine? Of course, the poodle is always wining and whining about something! What do you think?
hat tip: Tim Blair


Oswald Bastable said...

We did have wines suitable to be named after the current powers that be.

Cold Duck could have been rebadged for Uncle Helen.

Overpowering, it assaults the senses like the SAS going through a afghan village. Appeals only to those particularly keen on regurgitation. The aftertaste has been known to linger for decades.

Montana Pearl would be the one for John Key.
Bland and insipid, you only brought it because there was nothing else on offer.

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