Thursday, September 4, 2008

One day, one day soon!

The knives are coming thick and fast.
'Administrative errors' in the filing of NZ First accounts.
More testimony at the Privileges Committee today.
A second letter from Owen Glenn.
NZ First officials at odds over what returns are correct.
Owen Glenn returning to New Zealand to give evidence in person before the Privileges committee.
Now, there the possibility of a police probe into donations on top of that SFO inquiry.
And thats before anyone considers the murky allegations in those scampi tapes that were aired on Sunday.
How much longer can Winnie continue his game of Wheel Of Fortune. Surely those knives will get him in the end? One day, one day soon. Or do our law enforcement agencies under Helengrad no longer have the throwing power?


Anonymous said...

This a great test of the integrity of the NZ judicial system.
We see Winnie ducking and weaving with all kinds of excuses.
he must be guilty of something.
He explains hilself in one sphere but he is guilty in aother.
He has woven such a tangled web, it is so hard to actually pin him down on what.
But he has done something.


Anonymous said...

It's all over for Peters if Glenn steps foot on that plane.

muz said...

I think I want him to get off the plane safely here