Monday, September 1, 2008

Oh please....

The PM demonstrates her prowess in straw clutching with this on TV this morning regarding John Key's statement about not forming a government with the lesser pinstriped poodle:

"I find the National Party's statement and timing interesting because I would say it's almost certain they got a tip from the Serious Fraud Office that it was about to move," Miss Clark said today on TV One's Breakfast programme.

"I challenge them directly to come clean because I think it's a very serious thing if an agency like the SFO is leaking to the Opposition."

Can she not get her head around the possibility that Key has seen peters disrupt the last three governments he's been involved with and wants to spare himself the grief?

However, I suppose having an SFO that leaks, is a good justification for having it closed down



Adolf Fiinkensein said...

When the SFO decided to investigate the National Party in 2002, I understand Helen Elizabeth Clark was given advance notice, about which the National Party complained. That was a fact. Here there is not a fact, just a clumsy smear. If she has evidence of advance notice in this case, she should 'put up or shut up' - to use the words of her venal corrupt little friend.

Desperate stuff by a despicable woman.

Anonymous said...

The PM is starting to sound and act like Winnie.Lie,evade,attack and accuse.

PM of NZ said...

Adolf, you might hop over to JafaPete's and explain the fact.

emmess said...

Labour's strategy
Make shit up