Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Now the oldies give Winston the finger!

Apart from his mistress Dear Leader, does Captain Baubles still have any supporters?
Even Greypower is now shunning Winston First!

The Grey Power NZ Federation National President, Mr Les Howard has been fielding a number of letters and emails from persons seeking re-assurance that Grey Power is not supporting NZ First or any other political party.

"Grey Power Federation Inc works completely within its constitution. Clause 2.2 (D) (xv) states that the policy of the Federation shall be non-sectarian and non party political. There has been and will not be any variance to that policy unless an Annual General Meeting passes a remit to the contrary," said Mr Howard.

And in the statement, released yesterday afternoon, he added:

"Grey Power NZ Federation is not responsible for claims made by politicians stating that they have our support."

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Anonymous said...

Well Greypower really need to decide whose side they are on. At least they could explain to their members what MMP and the Maorimadner means:

What a change of government?

Vote NATIONAL in the electorate

Vote ACT in the party vote

because any other vote means a Labour/NZF/Green/Maori - that is a Union/Corrupt/Hippie/Mongrel Mob government.

now you can choose - but anything other than National in the electorate & ACT in the party vote
will ensure this outcome!