Thursday, September 18, 2008

NEWSFLASH from Britain-Tories 52%, Labour 24%

The World seems hungry for change.
The financial crisis is not helping those who claim to have the experience to pull their countries through.
Such is the fate befalling Michael Cullen.
He is being shown to offer no answers or solutions. Instead, he just smears and his incompetence becomes all the clearer, such as with the rail buyback, along with the fact New Zealand has just had nine wasted years, nine years of lost opportunity.
So there is trouble ahead. Global capitalism faces challenging times. How better to have a prime minister with intimate knowledge of how the finance markets work, rather than a government led by a Prime Minister who has never exposed herself to the workings of private enterprise, and a finance minister and deputy, who squandered the best economic climate in a generation!
Hat tip: Guido Fawkes


emmess said...

The only reason the Clark/Peters government isn't that low is becauase Clark is a woman

Anonymous said...

Is she?

Anonymous said...