Monday, September 1, 2008

A New Science Blossoms in the US

Yes sir, in only just forty eight hours or maybe seventy two, the left wing nutroots are hard at it, going for broke to graduate in the new science of Palintology. The digging of dirt.

It is hard to credit that there are people as cretinous as those who accuse Governor Palin of actually adopting her teen aged daughter's baby and passing oit off as her own or of wilfully mismanaging the last days of her pregnancy and thereby inducing Down Syndrome in her baby.

This is the stuff of left wing political activism.

We see it here in New Zealand, albeit in a slightly less crass way. Helen Clark is an expert at it. We saw today how she deliberately smeared the reputations of defenceless public servants in the SFO. Her grubby side kick Trevor Mallard did a pretty good job on two or three public servants during the past three years.

These despicable creeps always pick on someone who can't hit back. In America it's the children of a state governor who has suddenly been thrust into the national lime light. In New Zealand, it's public servants.

But the sexist comment of them all came from Democrat vice presidential candidate, hair plugged Joe Biden. All he could muster was:-

"She's attractive!"


Anonymous said...

Even presented with evidence to the contrary, the left still carry on with the pregnancy conspiracy - so last season Desparate Housewives.

Anne Althouse is my favorite blog site - after No Minister of course!

She is bipartisan and covers the latest news, politics, legal issues, and even live blogs American Idol.

The commenters sometimes leave me in stitches - TrooperYork especially.


Psycho Milt said...

Shameful indeed. How fortunate that right-wingers can be relied on not to be rude about Obama, or just make shit up about him...


I heard the baby allegations on Newstalk ZB, which Leighton Smith was most sceptical about.
Anyway, while the left might see it as a bad thing, even claiming such alleged dishonesty might bar Palin from the vp role, it can be turned the other way.
What kind of a mum offers to help her daughter like this? A very special one.
Meanwhile, what might the left do? But aborth the baby!
So Palin might turn such accuataions in her favopur if they are true.

mawm said...

"She's attractive!"

She sure is. I'd give her 1.

Anonymous said...

McCain/Palin at 47%, compared to 45% support for Obama/Biden

Psycho Milt said...

What kind of a mum offers to help her daughter like this? A very special one.

Don't care if it's true or not. It's irrelevant, as is the matter of whether one aborts Down syndrome fetuses or not (and may I say, that accusation that abortion is a lefty thing is real classy, FFM).

In terms of "what kind of mum" though, my wife offered this on seeing Palin on the news: "If she's such a religious conservative family woman, who's looking after her kids?"

Anonymous said...

If she could migrate to NZ the kids could get a couple of hours a week free preschool and it might give her some time to campaign.

Just a thought.

Danyl said...

Do you think Obama is the Father??? What if the baby is a stealth muslim?????

Anonymous said...

Do you hate single mothers?

vote Obama!