Wednesday, September 10, 2008

NZ First's ETS shame---UPDATE

How bizarre! Whale Oil is told by a longserving MP and friend that National was to back Liarbour on the ETS.
But the NZ Herald has just reported that the bill has passed its third reading by 63 to 57 with the support of the LPG parties and NZ First.
Of course, now NZ First has backed the bill, despite previous opposition to it, I guess Uncle Helen is now free to dump Captain Baubles.
But what shame for NZ First to change its mind like this just to give Winston another week or two in office.
What shame for the Greens to get this discredited bill through on the backs of two corrupt parties- Liarbour and NZ First.
ACT and National can hold their heads high, plus the little parties and assorted individuals.
But ACT comes out cleanest for behaving consistently and clearly, accepting that dodgy science is no excuse for a bill that will cause so much damage to New Zealand.
Remeber, National is still playing Liarbour light, planning its own bill after the election.
But at least that still means there is still time to change their minds.
I will keep on what I posted earlier but somebody somewhere has a fair bit of explaining to do.
It's not just Whale Oil either. How could such a bizarre tale be devised?

Here is what was online earlier

National apparantly had a chance to defeat the Emissions Taxtation Scam (ETS) but, according to Whale Oil, they jumped into bed with Liarbour so they could shaft Maori.
I have been holding off posting it, seeking evidence, but I cannot find any corroboration either way.
I only hope Whale Oil is wrong and someone led him up the garden path.
Can National be so bloody stupid!?
Here's what Whale Oil says:

I was reading stories to my kids when I was called by a friend, a long-serving MP, who told me that the National Party had voted to support the Emissions Trading Scam (ETS) by stopping it from going back to Select Committee.
Obviously this can’t be true, but I thought I would tell you what my source told me anyway.
Apparently, some parties in parliament thought that the Bill involves very significant Treaty of Waitangi issues that should be considered by the Select Committee, but which haven’t been so far.
I think they are right. The ETS will destroy at least $2 billion of Maori wealth, and even more of Pakeha wealth.
But my source told me the National Party didn’t care about this. Apparently, the National Party VOTED WITH LABOUR, against the Maori, ACT and Green parties, to push through the legislation tonight. If National had voted with the Maori, ACT and Green parties, the legislation would have failed.
According to my source, the National Party’s residual Don-Brash-perspective on the Treaty of Waitangi issues means they would prefer to vote with Labour, in favour of the ETS, rather than vote with other parties, like the Maori Party, to stop the ETS. Bashing Maoris is more important than protecting our economy from Labour/Green madness.
Surely this is not true. If it is, then fuck them. It would mean National was even worse than Labour and that we should all vote ACT. Right now, I still plan to vote for my local National candidate but I am not voting for a party that supports the ongoing taxation of people based on dodgy un-proven science and the support of a corrupt, morally bankrupt party lead by a proven liar.
Party Vote ACT!

How very convenient that when attention is focussed on Winston Peters, the two old enemies, it seems, can conspire together to pass such an evil bill that will have such massive consequences on us all.


Lindsay said...

This from the NZ Herald makes Whaleoil's account look a rather spurious.

Anonymous said...

Whale Oil had better be misinformed because otherwise I just went from two ticks National to two ticks ACT.

I am sue Adolf will join me.


Anonymous said...

It's always been the case:

if you want a change of government, you must

Vote National in the electorate (except in Epsom, or a Maori seat)

Vote ACT in the party vote

Anything else - thanks to the Maorimander and the magic of MMP - turns into a vote for Helen

Anonymous said...


Come out from behind that anon comment.



Uncle Helen couldn't make head or tale of Winston' defecne.
Neither could I!

Thts just been reported on tv3 newsw

Andrei said...

Uncle Helen couldn't make head or tale of Winston' defecne.
Neither could I!

Well nobody can make head nor tail of the ETS and that was on TV3 too.

It is sheer hubris to think that we can control the climate but National is little better than Labour in this regard or any regard for that matter.rlqyc

peteremcc said...

National didn't vote for the legislation, they voted against a motion to send it back to committee.

If they'd voted for sending it back, it would have had enough votes and gone back.