Saturday, September 20, 2008

A Most Astute Comment

From Farrar's place:-

  1. jocko (58) Vote: Add rating 0 Subtract rating 0 Says:

    …..even less if only water is available….& no ‘hot’ men!

    Was Donnelly appointed to the Cook Islands to care for the ‘outside NZ’ real set of NZF bank accounts & financial records?"


Anonymous said...

on balance no because

a) that presumes a level of competence NZF has never displayed


b) because NZF just did what Labour told 'em to.

the real question is: where are the Labour Party & EMPU's offshore accounts - Cooks? Caymans? Jersey?

(all of the above)

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Yes anon. I recall Clark intoning that, unlike Labour, NZ First are rank amateurs when it comes to lying.

Anonymous said...

No way; more lies.

Winston hates the Cook Islands because of all the bad things that happen there. For example, legislated secrecy provisions that make it illegal to reveal international banking transactions.
Winston wouldn't even go there let alone open a bank account there. He has absoliutely no reason do do so. He's fighting for the truth, the true truth and the indisputable truth. Where is the proof all you Winston haters???!!! Ask anyone in the Cook Islands who Winston is and they wouldn't even have heard of him in the first place let alone been on the piss with him in Trader Jack's.

The irrefutable/true proof that is that there cant be any secret NZ first bank accounts there because that would just be immoral.


Raro Observer said...

Winston is well-known in the Cook Islands, particularly as he visits quite often. Last time I saw him dining at the Windjammer restaurant in Rarotonga he was in the company of a certain lady lawyer from one of the big international offshore banks. I've never seen him in Trader Jacks but then I don't go there myself. I have been told,however, that he does have the occasional drink there.