Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Morbid Obesity: It's a killer!

The NZ Herald has just reported on the death of Fulole Muliaga.
The report said the way the power was disconnected was not a factor. The official cause of death was cardiac arrest caused by morbid obesity.

True, stress may have been a contributory factor but the family knew the effects of disconnection.
And having stupid children doesn't help either.
The coroner said he accepted her children didn't really know how sick she was and they didn't know doctors felt resuscitation shouldn't be attempted if she went into cardiac arrest.
So will Helen Clark attend the funeral of every dead fat woman in South Auckland, or was the whole spectacle, featuring the bosses of state-owned Mercury energy, just a political show trial for Dear Leader's own electoral benefit?

UPDATE: I have just had a quick read of the full report and a few themes are quite significant. First is the poor situation of Mrs Muliaga, her poor kidney function and 'living on the edge' of life, who originally weighed 212kg, was a frequent hospital visitor on various medication, she didn't always take. The Muliagas were also fully aware of how ill Fulole was.
Another theme is the abuse shown against the contractor , who received hate mail, he had to send his kids to another school, and the contracting company had to remove company markings from their vehicles to safeguard their staff.
Then, there is Mercury Energy, which has changed its procedures towards vulnerable customers. Health Boards have also been given recommendations on what to do.
Yes, the circumstances are tragic, but sad as the case is, it is one that boils down to individual responsibility. Attempts have been made to blame Mercury Energy, the DHB, etc, etc, But the responsibility, harsh as it sounds, comes down to personal diet and wellbeing.
The cause of death being "natural causes being an arrhythymia caused by morbid obesity".
Though with stress from the disconnection a contributory factor.
Update2: Dave at Big News says Folole Muliaga was 'one of New Zealand's most obese women.' UPDATE 3: And the Muliagas seek money.
UPDATE4: Whale Oil accuses Uncle Helen of corpse cuddling, just as she is doing with with Winston Peters.
UPDATE5: Policital Animal notes system to blame- welfare and lack of personal responsibility.


Poneke said...

You are the nastiest person in the entire blogosphere.

I bet you're proud of it.

Yet you whine and whinge and wonder why no media organisation will employ you.

They read your bigoted rantings, that is why.

The Nats won't hire you, be assured of that. They read you too.

Anonymous said...

Poneke, stick to rating your bus rides.

Mo said...

I think both parties share the blame.

Mo said...

I also agree with the personal responsibility issue.

ISeeRed said...

Poneke, save your faux outrage and personal attacks for Helen Clark who exploited that poor woman's death for purely political gain, yet never fronts up to the families of those who die on her hospital waiting lists. There's one cruel callous cunt who places ideology before humanity, preferring people to suffer and die on waiting lists to contract out some operations to the willing and able private sector. Actions speak louder than words, and Labour is fooling fewer people every day.

Clunking Fist said...

"preferring people to suffer and die on waiting lists"

Not to mention those who suffer and cannot even get onto a waiting list.

Still, I rceive 2x 20 Free ECE, 2x Kiwisaver subsidies, cheap visits to the doc, cheap meds, free-ish roads, cheapish buses ALL PAID FOR BY THE LITTLE PEOPLE, especially those little people who don't have kids. "Liarbore voting suckers" you've got to ask yourself why they do it.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Poneke, that is an extraordinary comment. Top of the class for bile.

By the way, do I take it you are in regular contact with senior members of the national party who have 'assured' you FFM might not be employed if he put his name up.

If you aren't, then an apology might on your part might be in order

Whaleoil said...

That is such bullshit Poneke, everyone knows I am the nastiest person in the entire blogosphere, how dare you pass that on to someone who can't spell "privileges".

Still FFm is right, this exceedingly large woman ate herself to death, end of story.

Anonymous said...

The Nats won't hire you, be assured of that. They read you too.

Still don't get it do you!

We're self employed: we'll be OK.
We don't need the Tories to give us jobs: we have our own!

Unlike you, the standard and all the rest: out on the street, and if we had our way - no benefits for any of you!

this exceedingly large woman ate herself to death,

Naaa: this woman was paid to eat herself to death by Labour

Sad. but also true.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with you. We should all kill fat Samoans.

Clunking Fist said...

I bet you a zillion that the last anon anonymised their isp details. Wouldn't want a planted comment like THAT being trced back to ninth floor or the sociology department of Auck Uni...