Tuesday, September 16, 2008

MMP fuels lies and corruption

Well that's the safest conculsion to be drawn from a study of election promises.

National and Liarbour government apprantly keep around 80% of their policies, though in the MMP-era this fell to 62% under MMP.

And apparantly Muldoon was one of the most honest of the lot!

The survey also showed that governments who kept their policies lost support!

Now wonder Liarbour lies and hides its policies then. And with parties (Key-National excepted) needing the support of Winston Peters to form government, no wonder the MMP-era has made them less honest, leading to the dodgy goings on, and Dear Leader's impotence and infatuation with Peters that we see today.


Anonymous said...

Now what we need is a study on what the politicians did that there was no mention of in their election promises. i.e. their "secret agenda".

mawm said...

I heard the idiot talking on Holmes this am. Kept on getting in the message that labour is good.

Before anyone gets carried away, this is just a thesis for a PHD that has not been defended yet, in fact has not even been submitted yet. So it carries absolutely no weight at all other than just an ordinary person making a comment.

Anonymous said...

Well this just proves 2 of my points:

* politics are not about issues and policies: they're about character and vision. This is why, for example, Palin will be president from 2010 to 2020, and why any party that releases their on policies is a sign of weakness.

* we must get rid of MMP immediately.