Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Misstress of smears

Its was not just the SFO or other legal bodies that Dear Leader was smearing yesterday but Owen Glenn too.
David Farrar reported a few days ago that Liarbour was smearing their largest donor, and further proof came today.
This morning, I heard Paul Holmes on Newstalk ZB say that a newspaper chief was quoted on a radio station yesterday saying that Clark's staffers from the ninth floor have been ringing round the country's newspapers to say Owen Glenn is not all there, or something.
Now, we already have Cullen saying Glenn was 'confused.'
But what about this latest claim, of taxpayer-funded employees being paid to smear the reputation of a leading busiessman, one that the government once loved so much, one Liarbour only recently held out its begging bowl to?
Where are the newspaper stories on this? I tried finding them, but there were none.
Perhaps like the increasingly discredited Duncan Garner, the hacks are too busy looking in the wrong direction, when the real scandals lie underneath their noses.
It is not John Key that is being dishonest, but rather the Misstress of Smears, as we have so often seen before.

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mawm said...

I hope Glenn has a big glossy print of that picture pasted on his bathroom mirror - just so that he can get a daily reminder of what labour thinks of their biggest donor.