Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Maori and lesbians are just so 2005!

She's young, pretty, lesbian and Maori and a former Silver Fern to boot!
So Louisa Wall should just about have it all in today's Liarbour Party.
But she's been given such a low place on the party list that her position is threateaned. She might not return to parliament.
After years of Liarbour favouratism to Maori, perhaps brown is no longer the new black. Maori are just so passe. Asian is now in, so let's have an Indian at number 12!
Bow how ironic to see a brown face becoming victim of Liarbour's own political correctness and quota systems.
Obviously the 'homosexual agenda' in Liarbour is not as strong as claimed. Yet, the party remains chock-a-block with gays and lesbians and that's just from the ones we know about, regardless of those still in the closet.
But hope could well be at hand for Wall. If Liarbour is now shafting Maori in the open now, whereas it was behind closed doors before, perhaps a new future and a new party may beckon for our Silver Fern MP.
Yes, the Maori Party, particularly as Wall contradicted Liarbour Policy saying she would not campaign aggressively against Pita Sharples.
And where better for a victim of Liarbour racism but a racially-based party, whose seats exist solely on the grounds of the occupants' skin. How very fitting indeed!
Hat tip: The Hive


Barnsley Bill said...

FFM, it has nothing to do with her gender, orientation or race. Any suggestions that it is are just silly.
As is the suggestion that it is because she will roll over for uncle Pita.
The simple fact of the matter is she is just too hot. Entry to the wimmins group within the labour caucus is dependent upon having a face like a dropped pie.
Unfortunately Louisa is just too fit to sit.

Murray said...

Why are ANY of things a qualification?

All I see no experience and a huge agenda.

Clunking Fist said...

"having a face like a dropped pie."

I can't believe I've not heard this before, and how easy it is to understand the meaning. It beats Twunt (for the definition of twunt, google "Michael Cullen".)

WAKE UP said...

Maybe she could have tried becoming a Muslim.