Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The liars and bullies of Helengrad and a crumbling poodle in even deeper shit

Owen Glenn's Campbell Live interview was just the warm-up.

The main show came today at the Hilton Hotel in Auckland.

I've just seen TV1 news at 11 and Mike Williams is a 'liar' who recently asked Owen Glenn for a job, Michael Cullen is 'bully and Dear Leader is "very self-serving.' Glenn is's certainly not a Liarbour supporter anymore.

The NZ Herald has more:

I'm not cheering for Labour any more, there's not much to cheer about if they abandon you and turn the dogs on you."

Mr Glenn said by February this year the Prime Minister was fully aware of his donation to Winston Peters.
When asked if Helen Clark knew what the money was used for Mr Glenn said "she already knew that, Mike Williams would have told her".
Asked what he thought of the Prime Minister, he described her as "very self-serving".
When asked if Mr Williams was a liar, he said "yes".

He said New Zealanders would make their minds up for themselves on who was telling the truth.
Mr Glenn also said that Mike Williams had asked him for a job on July 10 when he visited him on his yacht in France. Mr Glenn said he had no job for Mr Williams.

Stuff also covers the event.

Meanwhile, Winston is crumbling ahead of the testimony he is due to give today.

The NZ Herald reports that for he first time he is admitting some knowledge of the Spencer Trust.

Now, I have just seen Bob Jones being interviewed on Good Morning on TV1. Jones noted the real trouble for Winston stems from the SFO inquiry. All the Glenngate business concerns is lying and the honesty of our politicians, he says. It is not illegal for our politicians to lie ad be hypocritical but they are not supposed to committ fraud.

The SFO boss spoke of serious and complex fraud in announcing his investigation into Winston First. And since Winston is a litigatious chap, the SFO boss would have been certain of his evidence before announcing the move.

And so, says Jones, Winston's future is looking somewhat bleak indeed.


Anonymous said...

Naa, Winston's been all over TV

his "five investigations proves they're out to get me" line will run very well in old-folks-homes...

But Labour bought the last election with Owen Glenn's money by buying the other parties in their "coalition".

They're finished.

Anonymous said...

"this is nothing more than New Zealand's democracy being for sale"

Dr Nick Smith. Parliament. now.

Anonymous said...

When thinking about this episode a common saying comes to mind

Do not bite the hand that feeds you