Thursday, September 11, 2008

Liarbour's secret tax agenda

Fresh from their victory of the Emmissions Taxation Scam, Clark and Cullen could be dreaming up two new more taxes- death duties/ inheritence tax and a capital gains tax.

Former ACT MP and current National Party candidate Stephen Franks has heard some worrying stories concerning his Wellington Central Liarbour opponent Grant Robertson.

I’ve now heard from several sources that the Labour candidate for Wellington Central told people at a cottage meeting he favours a capital gains tax to redistribute wealth. One person (who assured me she is not necessarily a National voter) says he also talked of the reintroduction of death duties, presumably for the same purpose.
The Wellington Central candidate is pretty close to H Clark, so what are they planning? From within her office before last election he developed the student loan bribe, over Michael Cullen’s passionate objections. So his envy of wealth can not be dismissed as mere juvenile burbling.

As Franks notes ominously:

Remember, we did not know Labour was going to drive through an anti-smacking bill, or abolish our access to the Privy Council before earlier elections.


Anonymous said...

I haven't talked to anyone who is planning on voting for Grant Robertson.

I've seen no posters and had no emails.

Remember Marian Hobbs is well liked around Wellington Central and was previously held by Prebble.

Wellngton Central will go to Stephen Franks

(at least as much because he's still ACT at heart,
under that National sticker)

so who gives f**k about G?? R?? or whatever the Owen Glenn candidate is called.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm,good thing to throw back at Labour though.
All those oldies who want to help their kids would not like these policies.
This has good potential for a drive by smearing when required.